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Ideas for a decent music software?

Shadow Stallion

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I'm not sure if anypony here has any experience with using music-creating programs, but I might as well post this just in case.


I really want to start making music, like brony musicians do (Alex S, Eurobeat, etc).


Does anyone have any ideas for a program I can buy and make decent music?

I don't care how long it takes for me to learn how to use it.


I can't really spend $400+ on a program, but anything below that should be okay.

I also do not have a midi-keyboard.


I was seriously considering buying FL Studio 10, but with the Producer Edition ($200),

it doesn't include any plugins that will help you create music. An example of a plugin that

is really useful is called Sytrus, and it lets you add all these electrical sounds to your song

to give it that upbeat/dance feeling. I don't have a midi keyboard, but I do have a regular

keyboard that can be played through the computer. I don't know if I can record the sounds

that my keyboard makes (example: in fl studio, if I pick a 'clap' sound, I can push a key on

the keyboard and it'll play the 'clap' sound in that note, but I don't know if I can record sounds

that my keyboard makes, not sounds from fl studio, if you know what I mean >.<).


So.. Sorry if you didn't understand what I was trying to say):


TL;DR? I need a program that I can use to create music (electrical-type music).


Thank you.

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I was about to recommend LMMS, but SPL (obviously the best candidate for the job) beat me to it.


So consider this a double recommendation.

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isnt ableton live pretty good?

i dont really know much about this because i dont make music.


Yeah, I'm using the demo version of Ableton Live.

It looks pretty good, and I've heard great things about it.


Apparently it's easier and better than FL Studio, which is awesome.


I'll toy around with it a bit more, but since it's around $400, I am

probably not going to get it anytime soon.

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A friend of mine uses Sony ACID Pro for everything, and I use it for editing stuff together myself, so I'd go with that.  However, if you're really looking to compose music like Alex S, Eurobeat, Tombstone, etc., you're really gonna need to invest in some kind of MIDI keyboard.  You can only get so much from samples and loops.

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I'll be completely honest: I pirated FL 10. It's so goddamn expensive. I've also heard Ableton Live and Reason are great software. Some of my favorite artists on Newgrounds use Reason, and Deadmau5 uses Ableton.

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Well for a free DAW go for Reaper

It's free download though it costs about 20$-40$ to get it licensed

But you can still use it without the license past the 20-30 day limit

(I can't really remember the numbers too well)

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I have FL 10 Producer's Edition and it DOES come with Sytrus and Gross Beat and Harmless etc.


For me, FL is the tits. It gets a lot of hate, and while it takes a while to truly master, you can do anything with FL. ANYTHING. Plus, if nothing else, WoodenToaster (Glaze) uses it and he is the boss.

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