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Greeting friends!


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You can label me as a "Brony" because I do adore the cartoon "My little Pony".


I'm a fan of music, reading, video games and laughing with friends. I do love my life, I hope it never ends.


Of course when it does, I want no person to shed a tear... I just want them to keep memories of me held dear.


This isn't my first mlp thread, I was on another with friends so loving and caring. The reason I joined this was because the population wasn't so barren.


You can call me Cuhpcakes, it's nice to meet you. I bet you all define Cool! :D

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Welcome to the forums and have a great time. It's never too late to join the fandom - if you ever need any help just ask some of the older ones around here~


Glad to meet you!

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Hello new person! You are totally right about us defining cool. :P It's really cool around here, hope you enjoy your stay here on these lovely forums!!  B) The name's Beatrix. Welcome.  


Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your stay! *looks left* *looks right* no one has posted it? THEN I MUST DO SO! 


Hehe I was just about to post this :P I was thinking the EXACT same thing. No one has posted this? AWWW HELLLLL NAW! *posts welcome song* 

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