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Cupcakes Aftermath (watercolor)


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So like, yeah I was messing around with my five year old nephews today and they told me to make a disgusting cupcake and of course the first thing that went through my not so innocent yet pony tainted mind was that one fanfic where Pinkie Pie cuts up Rainbow Dash into bits and bakes her into a delicious cupcake, so here we are!


In all honesty I like the style I have here, but I don't like the way I did it. I for some reason did the ink before doing the color, which caused the ink to spread out and really screw around with the colors and everything. I also should have took the time to wait for certain bits to dry out so that the colors don't mix the way they did, but too late now.


I also should have went online and looked at Rainbow Dash's cutie mark because I used the cutiemark found on one of the toys and maybe I just have a defective toy but it looks totally different.


Anyhoo, any comments or critiques or thoughts or threats would be awesome! Coming up next once I can get this stupid camera to work is Claudia's OC!

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