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Visual Art My latest Water color painting.


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Just One I made in art class this week.

I think it turned out well. 

I though I'd go for something more abstract this time.

I normally do landscapes and such.

The crow is Doing a wither effect on the heart.


The crow Represents depression and the heart is a good state of mind. 




And I felt like I had to leave a reference in there only bronies would get since this is going up in my room.


The painting was made with watercolor pencils (for detail) and watercolor paint.


Any criticism is greatly appreciated. And make sure its honest. If you dont like it, just say so.

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I love this painting! And the concept is sad, but beautiful. I love crows. One thing I would suggest with water colors.... To give it depth and a certain smoothness, try a gradation. First, gently wet the paper with a clean, damp brush. Then take your color and swipe from top to bottom, very smoothly, and lighten your stroke as you go down. The water will spread the color smoothly and it will create a beautiful horizon. Then on the very bottom, make what would be the ground of your painting, the highest concentration of color. Just a suggestion for easy painting! I love working with water colors. Maybe if I can get a decent shot of some of my water color paintings, I can show you what I mean. ;) Anyways, I still think this painting is great!

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