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Notification Update Discussion

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So I am sure that many of you have seen or maybe even experienced the notification feature on the website.


The insperation for the feature is taken primarily from DeviantArt. In Skype, the issue came up that DeviantArt is a tad sloppy on updating the notification count. If you've used the website you may have noticed that the notification counter only updates when the page is refreshed. This has always personally bugged me. For the most part a constant live update is out of the question due to server load times and expect community size. I have put forth the suggest that once you click on a notification system that it deletes that notification while also allowing you to see the update (whether it be in a new tab, in page, or something else is still being decided).


Do you guys have any other ideas as to how to handle notification updates? Do you like this idea? What are your thoughts.

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I didn't mean to imply that real-time notifications were impossible; only that pulling them off sanely would create a situation that requires extremely careful planning to work around. Key Gear did pull it off on MLP Forums, and its notification system is a great deal heavier (code-wise) than Pony.fm's.


I've noted this down in the tracker as something I'm going to investigate, because if a good solution is found, I will definitely try my best to implement it. :) Straight-up real-time notifications would be the simplest for the end user to understand.

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