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Artists You'd like to see on Pony.fm

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Hey guys,


So I was thinking to myself that it would be awesome if pony.fm could be my sole source for all things pony music, however there are several artists that would need to be on there for it to be my sole pony music website. I am sure that this is the case for many of you as there are a lot of good established brony musicians on youtube and other websites. Basically what artist would you, personally, like to see using pony.fm?


For me I'd basically only need SimGretina to use pony.fm and I'd ditch youtube as my go to source for pony music. It would also be nice to have users like Silva Hound, Alex S, WoodenToaster and TheLivingTombstone.

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There is one that Feld0 has mentioned (not sure who it was at the moment), and I have Odyssey Eurobeat Brony on my Skype friend's list, who I'm going to talk with sometime. (Whenever he's actually online...)

If all goes well, the artists will come here on their own volition.

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I'm looking forward to the artists I've never heard of because the current scene has an oversaturation of mediocrity which stifles recognition for the truly talented and creative.

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