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Music Videos?

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So I haven't seen this brought up anywhere and it's related to music so I thought I'd bring it up for discussion. I don't know if feld0 wants to deal solely in music files, but it can't hurt to suggest it.


Basically, the one feature (besides community size) that youtube has over pony.fm and other dedicated music websites is that youtube offers the ability to post some sort of music video. I know that not many songs in this genre have music videos, but some do or may in the future if the option is made available. This kinda of feature definitely seems like a beta or at least late alpha feature if added at all.


Some limitations would obviously be no music visualizers or other visual special effects. IE: it would have to be something live action or animated.


The ability to add a music video could be an option in the track upload options.


Basically I see it as being a button of some kind near the tracks that had videos with them. Essentially, if this feature is added, I'd like to see the videos grouped with the songs they are videos of instead of separate entries as itunes does it. It would also be nice to have the option to listen to the song in video or just plain audio format while also having the downloads for the song and video being available on the side like they are now.


An obvious problem with this idea is that video files are generally much larger files than audio files and would thus prevent a greater chance for slowing down pages and causing greater load on the server.


It's definitely something that would be added later in the game.


I feel like people will have a strong opinion on whether or not they want to see this feature so discuss away I guess.

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This is a good idea. If nothing else, I would personally find the option to link external sites to my account useful, as I have SoundCloud and YouTube channels that don't necessarily have "pony" music on them, but I'd still like to show them off. (As they provide various features which Pony.fm might not for the time being.)

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Hosting and distributing video is a pretty tall technical order. While I'd certainly like to do something with brony videos someday, at this time, I just can't see video hosting being a part of Pony.fm at this time, or in the foreseeable future. Video hosting has a way of really pushing server resources to insane levels, and that isn't something I want to take on unless my income increases by at least one or two orders of magnitude.


For the time being, focusing on the music itself is, I believe, what Pony.fm has to be all about.

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