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Twi reading "How To Be a Cute Princess." I hear it's a bestseller, but I really don't think Twi needs to read it. :twi:

Art by Starsky-Glammer112


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14 hours ago, nepeta said:


The new Pop Mart figures are so cute

3 things:

1. D'aww

2. She's cleaning her eyes to make them Sparkle!

3. At first I read that as "Pop Tart figures" :wacko:


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Front view of Twi. This artwork gives me claymation vibes, which I think is cool. I love the amount of detail that has went into her mane. :twi:

Art by Stellar Dust


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Twilight looking wonderful as a mage. I love the art style. I feel like it could be in a completely different cartoon or even some sort of game. :twi:

Art by PetalTwinkle


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