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Hub Welcome to the fan club of The Great and Powerful Trixie! Trixie is a born performer. Although she isn't seen much in the television show, her personality came off so strongly that many fa

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2 hours ago, ChB said:



"Without paying the "peanut butter cracker toll"! Says Trixie gleefully!



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On 5/14/2019 at 9:50 PM, Steve Piranha said:

She may be bad at magic, but she’s good on the eyes :mlp_bedeyes:

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She's not that bad (I repeat, that bad) at magic, since she has now Starlight as teacher

On 6/14/2019 at 2:30 AM, Woohoo said:

Trixie stuck in a water cooler.

I wonder if any of you will get this reference... :wau:

No, I have no idea...

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After watching the recent seasons, I'm so happy that she's reformed and become a more frequent and character. I never considered Trixie to be a full-on villain of the series. Just somepony with a big ego. In fact, I quite liked her to begin with, so in the end, the more she developed, the more she grew on me and eventually became my favourite. Also, her relationship with Starlight is something I find quite interesting and fun to watch. 



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