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Hub Welcome to the fan club of The Great and Powerful Trixie! Trixie is a born performer. Although she isn't seen much in the television show, her personality came off so strongly that many fa

This picture made me cry a little.

@@AmarisNsane,   Future Trixie:    

Posted Images

Well, those are some interesting human Trixies!


To keep this thread alive, here's a question;


If Trixie was some other animal, any animal besides a Unicorn, what would she be?

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If I had to choose...


Posted Image


This one, stay classy! :P

[but I choose it most likely because there's a certain purple mare at her side being jelly]

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It's not about what the picture LOOKS like, it's about the style of Trix's dress! Silly! :) :I


I do not think Rarity would appreciate to be in Trixie's presence...

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sooo I am thinking of writing a part original song about Trixie based on Greek music(meaning that the melody would be from a greek song but everything else would be new and done by me :P)

What do you guys think




This this right here is the theme we should all have if we use chrome

Actually I am not going to do it

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well we do have our own MLP Forums Trixie appreciaion poster now

Posted Image

I have it in a thread in Octavia hall but it needd to be in here too it her thread after all



And yea that true noponies are making Trixie fiction lately :(

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My new work only lyrics for now

Based on the song be prepared from Lion king



Those foolish six mares just dont get it

They cannot see who we are

But we can prevail we can show them

How much more worthy we are


They think we are just jokes for their pleasure

They think that the people dont care

But we can outshine we can show them

So listen to what I will say


Be prapered for plan that will shine out

Be prepared for some chaos around

Cause we are going to beat them

By taking their prized gems



And How do we do it?



Just listen to Trixie

I know it sounds outworldly but we can prevail here

We can beat them in their own game

We can use them against them and win

Be prepared


Diamond dog

Yea be prepared will be prepared for what



For the end of the elements


Diamond dogs

Why are they lost



No idiot we will steal them


Diamond dogs

Great idea no more element lalalala



Idiots they will be elements


Diamond dogs

But you said ?



I will use the elements

Stick with me and your revenge will be done





Diamond dogs

Praise the new queen

Praise the new queen




It good that our revenge will be enacted

And this mare will be all time adored



And of course with this power why stop there

We can take the whole canterlot

The princess will fall before me

And though I will be queen

The point that I must emphathize is

You all will be lost without me


So be prepared for end of the mane six

Be prepared for a new queen to rise

A plan that will not fail

a plan sure to work right

Decades of denial

Is simply why I'll

Be queen undisputed

Respected, saluted

And seen for the mare that I am

Yes, my horn and my magic is bared

Be prepared!

Yes, my horn and my magic is bared

Be prepared!


What do you guys think ?

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