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The Cyclops of the Forge

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Fimfiction link:


Hey all, I got a fanfic for your reading pleasure. In it, our intrepid hero Starforge will venture to a forgotten city for a powerful magic artifact, forge his magical armor, and (eventually) save the day.


The story is complete at six chapters. I'd love to hear what you think of it.



The old Forge City holds many prizes but Starforge only seeks one: Beglan's magical crafting hammer. It greatly enhances the abilities of any craftsman who wields it to work metal or magic, and in its time it was used to make many artifacts of wonder. The last surviving cyclops has promised it to anyone who is able to pass his test and prove themselves a master craftsman.


Just taking the test won't be easy, to say nothing of passing it. The city is lost in the deep jungle, and has new residents who do not take well to intruders.


Word counts:

Chapter one: ~6,300

Chapter two: ~5,700

Chapter three: ~4,400

Chapter four: ~5,450

Chapter five: ~5,500

Chapter six: ~7,250

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Alright, the Saturday update: chapter four has been added. Wherein Starforge must come to terms with what he wants most in life.


There are still two more chapters to go.

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Everybody loves Saturday, and everybody loves fic updates. The penultimate chapter is up, and it has some fights for those of you out there who are fans of action.


One more chapter to go.

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Chapter six comes a little late. This chapter finishes the story, so if anyone's been holding their comments until the end, now is the time. ^_^

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