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Searching Howl of the Twilight (Let's try this again!)

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MLP FiM: Howl of the Twilight

Late at night and within the deepest recesses of the Everfree Forest a low rumble occurs and suddenly an orange light shines in the darkness of the forest.  A portal opens up, something that was banished from Equestria long ago has returned.  Creatures known only as the Twilight Wolves creatures that once ruled this land before the ponies took over during the Alicorn Uprising.  A small group of wolves their eyes shine in the darkness of the night as they walk the forest towards Ponyville the first stop before they can make it to Canterlot.  Now having returned they want their own land back and will do whatever it takes to get it back even if that means declaring war on Equestria.  Unfortunately Princess Celestia and Twilight along with the other Harmony users are away on royal business leaving Luna in charge.  With the Harmony users to far away to get in touch with she’ll have to gather a group of ponies that can repel the Twilight Wolves or possibly reach some sort of agreement with them before things get out of hoof.



I want this RP to keep a good pace so I would prefer only those that are going to be willing to put the time into this join up.  So please be very committed to this RP if you want to join but not so committed that there are 3 pages of text to read before
someone can even post.


Those joining as wolves please go to this link http://wyndbain.deviantart.com/art/Wolf-Maker-179413339 and create your wolf OC for this and attach it in a post so that I can make
sure everything looks ok.

I expect to see at least one post a day from all those that
are playing.  If for some reason you can’t post it’s totally understandable I’m not going to hound you unless you haven’t posted in like 3 days.


No god modding obviously


Please don’t introduce anything without first checking with me first to see if it’s ok I.E. Space monsters or such like that cause that’s totally out there.


Any cursing please make it pony swearing


Spelling is key but I’m not a spell check freak so minor errors are going to happen but if I see you making tons of them I will put my hoof down.


When attacking another character please don’t put (So-so stabbed this guy) without giving the other player a chance to dodge it. If I see things going in a loop I will put a stop to it so someone has to take a hit unless discussed between each other before hand and informed me of it.

Yes your OC’s can die in this I’m going to allow it so if you would like to continue playing after you can bring in another OC if you wish after I review them. Also if you’re wanting out this is the easiest way and not just dead stop posting and please inform me if this is your wish.

This RP will get a little PG-13 rated including violence and blood so any of those not ok with it don’t hate just don’t join.

All wolf OC’s will have magic capabilities so they are just as magically skilled as unicorns or alicorns minus the cutie marks.

All wolves have the ability to use most magic special talents reserved for ponies only and special magic like teleport and certain things are strictly ponies only.

When submitting your wolf OC please be sure to include what will be listed down below along with the picture if I don’t see it in the post I will not accept your wolf OC.

Wolves cannot use magic to up their speed they are simply put wolves with magic nothing more.


Wolves submitted with wings gain no other special abilities or are on a higher class than the others only difference is that they can fly.


Depending on how many wolf OC’s submitted will determine how many Typhra are given to each group if enough people join up.

Please have fun at all times with this RP it’s a free open style where anything is welcome to happen just as long as we don’t venture way out into crazy town.

Also I’ve played with the creator a bit and I WILL NOT be taking any submissions that look like Ammy from Okami.




Wolf OC requirements (Copy and paste into post and answer for proper submission) :

(There are 3 packs: Kiba are more traditional into old ways of vicious fighting to get what they need and have little regard for the consequences of their actions.  Shuneme are more intellectual using smarts to outwit their opponents relying less on brute strength and more on trapping the enemy. Rohan strive to live a balanced life between the other two but respect those around then not wanting to resort to violence unless absolutely needed they believe that killing is not always needed to get what you want.)




Age (Not in dog years):


Breed: Azure (Magic & hoof to claw combat), Kyat (Flight oriented less magic more core combat), or Typhra (Less combat oriented more focused on magic healing low level at all times ex: cuts and gashes are the limit. No resurrecting or lifesaving magic.)








OC Ponies:








Twilight wolf OC entry:

Name: Uvae

Age: 21

Breed: Azure

Pack: Rohan

Personality: Uvae is the current leader of the clan of the Twilight Wolves. He is a tough wolf well versed in all magic types but he is most deadly with lightening based magic being able to even change the molecules in the air to create lightening. He doesn't really like to fight but is willing to fight when he has to do so. He strives to make his father proud and restore the land that was once their back to them and let them finally return home.

Other: Uvae is quick to trust and that can be his biggest weakness allowing the enemy to gain the upper hand easily and put him in a corner.



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I know this is old, but it looks interesting:


Name: Dracobane

Age: 17

Breed: Kyat

Pack: Rohan

Personality: Eager to get things done, but can still plan his actions. He is a scout of sorts; he is an expert flyer, and prefers hoof-to-claw combat than heavy melee combat. He has gotten into countless fights between rivals (unusual for a member in this pack, but he still values reasoned debates), and has lost a lot of blood in the 17 years he's been alive. Despite his intimidating appearance, he is usually quite calm, and will only fight to defend his honour.



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@@Concord Discord


Hmmmmmm He seems like a very well versed character so I'll accept him into the fray of the upcoming battle. Now we just need to get more players to join up.


Do you think it might be an idea to invite people through PM? It's such an old thread, people may not find it easily.

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Yes that's a good idea also I'll be adding the character list tonight when I get home from work so keep an eye out.

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Hello my fellow pokemon. I'm interested in joining this rp, but how did you two get your pictures like that? It might just me being stupid but I can't figure out how to make it just the wolf.


Nevermind I kind of figured it out. I'll post Lune's stuff when I can, which might not be for a while.

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