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Open Labyrinth (RP)

Queen DerpyGirl

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An RP based on the movie by Jim Henson with David Bowie. A Pony called Black Beauty and her friends are sent into a Labyrinth to retive what was taken from them. Will You Join The Journey???








Cutie Mark:


What gets taken:







Name:Black Beauty

Gender: F

Type: Earth Pony

Cutie Mark: Quater of the Moon (means can seefully in the dark)


What gets taken: her baby brother

Age: 16

Other: has a pet rabbit called Angel

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I will join! However, I'm about to go to bed, so if you're still interested (this was posted a while ago) I'd like to figure this all out and get started tomorrow. 
Actually, I need more characters in this message, so I'll come up with my character now. ^^


Name: Melodic Notes

Gender: F

Type: Pegasus

Other: Despite her name, she's very un-musical.

I'm too tired to think now. I'll think of the rest tomorrow after all.

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