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[SPOILERS] Who writes spells?


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When Twilight casts a spell that switches the Cutie Marks and destinies, the only way to reverse the spell is by writing her own magic.


This is the season three finale description as of now. Considering Twilight is already an all-Equestrian magician and gifted brightly with magic, it's not hard to draw up the conclusion that she can actually muster up some spells of her own from time to time. But where do spells come from? Scrolls exist to keep track of how a spell can be executed with great precision or for the learning curve, but with that logic, it has to have an element of intuitiveness to it.


I consider this to be akin to our own technology, like automobiles. Better engines exist to provide smoother rides and faster performances, for instance, as well as engineering more stable suspension systems for much safer rides. Likewise, spells have to grow, and although it seems that its practical uses are limited (insomuch as finding the need for it, like combat), it does demonstrate the amount of potential Equestrians have as a race.


I believe that specialists exist in Equestria who are responsible for creating spells and testing them for practical use later on (by scientific method or otherwise), donning roles not unlike engineers in the real world. I also found the similarity between Asgardians and Equestrians in regards to their use of "magic" to be very uncanny. From anyone else's standpoint, the things unicorns do such as levitation and gem-tracking (to name a couple) are beyond our comprehension that we simply have no other choice but to coin it as supernatural. When you dig deep though, you'll find that it's in fact a construct used in everyday Equestrian life.





Thor: Your ancestors called it magic... but you call it science. I come from a land where they are one and the same.


Thor (2011)




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Obviously the show won't go this in depth on this topic, but there are some things to be considered.


I think the construct of spells is somewhat frivolous in the show.  It makes a good plot point for Twilight to be a student, but the spells are less what we consider spells and more focus exercises to twist the magic into doing what you want.  The magic exists throughout Equestria and comes out in the form that the bearer forces it (knowingly or unknowingly) into.


Consider the Everfree Forest.  It has plenty of non-spell magic going on.  Trees that twist into wolves.  Uncontrolled weather.  Plants that grow on their own (and some that have a sense of humor).

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