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Looking for a voice actor for a couple of short lines


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Hello.. Can anypony do some short voicework for me? Its just short phrases. It has to sound like a young boy or a male teenager of sorts.

These are the lines:


“Um, Mr. Champion? Sir?” [[He has to sound a bit humble]]

“Well…not really, no. Sir." [[He has to sound a bit humble]]

You wrote this, didn’t you, sir?” [[He has to sound a bit humble]]


“You mean how you defeated the Black King and won the war.” [[He has to sound a bit humble]]

“There’s no need to be modest! You’re the greatest hero the Crystal Empire ever had!” [[He has to sound like he's flattering someone]]

“Oh, no, not at all…I had to spend almost all of my free time after lessons in the library just to learn that the war even happened![[Do as you would normally]]

“REALLY? Could you do that? That’d be awesome!” [[He has to sound excited here]]




If you're interested, you can either post your recordings here or PM me. The only requirement that I would ask for is that you have to have a decent mic with some sort of pop filter in it.

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