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I made this tune for a fangame, is it any good?


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The title sums it up pretty much. It's a WIP MLP game for the Sega Genesis that me and a couple friends are making and I'm in charge of the music. I'd especially like to hear your opinions on my drums, since I had to make them by hand as the sound driver we use doesn't allow sampled instruments at all...



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Very catchy! Fits perfectly with any MLP game, it's very well done my friend. As for the drums, they're great, I truly don't have anything negative to say about the drums or the song as a whole, you must be very talented :)

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Heh, I like this tune you made. Very catchy. This will probably be stuck in my head for quite a while, too. The style and beat of the whole tune also really fits MLP too.


To put it simple I would give you an 8/10 for this. :)

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I find it hard to judge without knowing what kind of game it is supposed to go with. If it's for an RPG then it would depend on the situation. Is it an overworld theme? Is it a menu theme? Is it a battle theme? Because I think that it might not go well with battles. If it's a sim game then I guess it could go well with pretty much anything. If it's a platformer I'd say you'd want something with more "umph!" to keep people pumped for action.

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