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Music Blank/Label-less CD Playlist Topic

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The idea for this thread is to go look for any label-less or vaguely labeled CDs that you may have burned, pop it in to your computer/Walkman/CD player, and then relive the suspense and excitement of the songs you put on their days/months/years ago. Post what songs are on there and explain maybe why it's on there.


My first CD of the batch is labeled "10/10/10" - so I burned this on October 10th, 2010, during my senior year of college. Let's see what's on here


1. Black Sheep - Metric

Ah, I believe my friends and I just saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World for like the 4th time so I got this song since it was featured in the movie. 


2. Bliss - Muse

Well, Muse is my favorite band and my favorites of their songs come and go. Bliss was at the top of my Muse chart at the time I guess.


3. Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine

BoP is my favorite RATM song because it brings me back to playing Guitar Hero III in my dorm room freshman year in 2007. It's been a staple of mine ever since. I played the hell out of it on my iPod that year.


4. Children of the Elder God - Old Gods of Asgard

My friends just got the Alan Wake game for Xbox and this song was in it during a stage where you kill all these shadow guys on the abandoned stage of a rock concert. It was a pretty kickass battle with this song playing.


5. Citizen Erased - Muse

Like Bliss, Citizen Erased must have been my Muse favorite of the times. 


6. Dead Star - Muse

I had just discovered Muse's b-sides and this was an awesome one I took a liking too. 


7. Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Will Smith) + Hysteria (Muse) mashup

I went on youtube to look up some good Muse mashups and this one stuck out to me because it flows pretty well and it was pretty interesting.


8. Gohan wa Okazu - Hokago Tea Time (K-ON!! anime)

Yeah, this must have been when I was really into K-ON. I think this song is about rice. I don't remember lol.


9. X Gon Give it To Ya (DMX) + Hysteria (Muse) mashup

Like #7 this was another cool Muse mashup I got off youtube


10. In Your World - Muse

Another Muse b-side I really like. I believe it's on the same b-side as Dead Star.


11. Pon de River, Pon de Bank - Elephant Man

This was one of my early favorites from like 2004 or whenever it came out. It was super catchy. My liking for it must have rekindled in 2010.


12. Possum Kingdom - Toadies

I discovered this song on the Xbox version of Guitar Hero II my friend had. Also heard it a couple times on the SiriusXM Lithium (grunge) station and liked it. 


13. The Small Print - Muse

This song is like in my top 5 of Muse songs and it's not too popular. It's a solid track off Absolution album.


14. Stockholm Syndrome - Muse

Another Muse song in my top 5. Love it. Also I associated this song to a girl friend of mine who I accompanied to chemotherapy a lot my junior year. 


15. Sunburn - Muse

An older Muse song from Showbiz album. I really started listening to that album around this time and I must have liked it enough at the time to include it.


16. Unnatural Selection - Muse

A newer Muse song from The Resistance album. I was getting ready to go to a Muse concert on The Resistance Tour so maybe that's why this is on here.


17. Utauyo!! Miracle - Hokago Tea Time (K-ON anime)

lolol another K-ON song. I believe it was the second opening them of season 2. It's pretty energetic.

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