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Winter Wrap-Up Community Outreach


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I had a thought while driving home yesterday, listening to the Winter Wrap-Up song.


Wouldn't it be fun to set up a real-life winter wrap-up with your local herd of bronies?  In the spirit of doing something practical to usher in spring, I thought something like beautifying a community park or playground that has seen better days might fit the bill.


Make up some buttons or nametags to split your volunteers into Earth, Pegasus, and Unicorn teams (perhaps a Twilight Sparkle logistics team too if you have enough people)  and have each do some theme-appropriate work.


Earth pony teams could rake leaves, pull weeds, and plant flowers.  I wouldn't recommend trying to hunt down and wake hibernating animals.


Unicorn teams could hang birdhouses or hummingbird feeders, possibly attracting birds to the location for future visitors to enjoy, or perhaps even paint murals if they secure permission from the community.


Pegasii could pick up trash, help with transporting things everyone else may need, and perhaps install some simple fixtures for yard-type games like painting hopscotch grids, or digging a horseshoe pit, again if the relevant authorities agree.


We have a few months until that tipping point between winter and spring, so there's time to plan and coordinate.  Most of the thoughts would require some money, but not a ton.  Seeds are cheap, and most of us have some gardening supplies in the garage, right?


I'm picturing it being a lot of fun.  Blast some music while everyone works.  Have a little picnic break or retreat to a warm restaurant when you're finished.  


As far as finding a site to beautify, every state seems to have websites dedicated to community service, but you may get faster results by simply contacting your local city/town council by phone and asking about sites that could use attention.  If you can't find any locally that are in bad shape, go further afield, and don't be afraid to enter rougher neighborhoods.  Just be smart about it, have parents/adult bronies, or whatever around, and be friendly to anyone from the community you see.  They're going to be happy with what you're doing there.

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Come and talk to me about this after winter has happened. Right now it feels like winter has already had a wrap-up and we didn't even get a single winter storm. >.>

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Sounds like a good idea however my only issue with it is that I have yet to find another local Brony :/ they're like ninjas or something I swear lol. Well that and the fact that we're having the weirdest winter ever, the snow melts for a few weeks then we get a huge snowstorm with about three feet of snow over two days that promptly melts by the end of the week again, so I would need to make sure winter was actually over. But it sounds like a great idea and a good way to help out the community. Now if I could only find some Bronies.... 

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