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Sweetie Belle's search for fun. (work in progress)


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                                           Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

Once, on a bright shining day in summer, a little pony named Sweetie
Belle  was just playing in her sister's room looking for something to
do. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were busy with their own plans.  Apple
Bloom was helping her brother and sister at Sweet Apple Acres.  And
Scoots was getting flight lessons from Rainbow Dash.  So, poor
Sweetie Belle was left with no one to hangout with. She couldn't get her sister
to play with her because she had a deadline for a dress she needed to make
for  Princess Luna.  Shifting the clutter of cloth on the
ground with her hoof, Sweetie Belle asks in a nervous tone,

"Rarity, do you think after you're done making Princess Luna's dress you could - I mean if
you aren't too-".  

Rarity interrupts,"oh, I'm sorry darling, I'm afraid I'm all backed up for all of

today and most of tomorrow. It seems the Grand Galloping Gala isn't as
exclusive as it used to be". She stated hastily. Sweetie Belle dropped her
head as she walked away in disappointment.

              A few minutes go by, she decides to go outside and see what everypony is doing in
Ponyville. The first pony she sees she’d be willing to talk to just to
alleviate the boredom. Sure enough, as soon as she exits the door to her home,
she sees Applejack peddling her apples.

"Come one come all, come try our juicy apples; from the one and only Sweet Apple
Acres". Sweetie Bell sees Applejack and thinks to herself, 'if Applejack
is here, then that must mean Apple Bloom is done working for the day!'

          She runs excitedly over to Applejack's stand and asks, " hey, Applejack, where
is Apple Bloom?" Applejack turns to answer the little filly.

"Well, hey there sugar cube, Apple Bloom is still helpin' Big Macintosh buck apples
back at the farm." Sweetie Belle is clearly disappointed; Applejack
notices this and says, "oh, don't be sad... here, how's about y'all help
me take the stand down,  then you and me can go over to the farm and
see what my brother and sister are doing." She says assuredly. So, Sweetie
Belle got to work helping Applejack disassemble her apple cart.

            On the road to the farm, Applejack and Sweetie Belle come across Fluttershy trying

to help a beaver trapped underneath a fallen tree. Applejack sees this first
and rushes over to help; taking Sweetie Belle by surprise she sits and watches
as they struggle to get the log off. Looking around, thinking; Sweetie Belle
comes up with a plan.  "Hey, why not just get a smaller log or a
stick of some kind and wedge it under the bigger log for leverage." she

          Applejack runs over to the nearest tree and snaps a limb off, then runs back

over to wedge the limb underneath the log. After a couple heaves, the log finally
comes loose, allowing the beaver to get free. Through shortness of breath,
Fluttershy struggles to express gratitude. But the gesture is received.

"How in tarnation did that 'lil fella get into such a bind?" Applejack asks.

Fluttershy, still slightly winded from the ordeal, says, “w-well you see I
caught this little guy cutting down one of your apple trees to make a

"Cuttin' what down?" Applejack says through a strained face.

Fluttershy winced and said hesitantly, "uh.. O-one of your trees?" Applejack

looks at the beaver and says, “Hey little fella, let this be a lesson not to
ever try cutting down apple trees. Now scamper on home."

            The beaver squeaks in gratitude then starts home. Fluttershy, only now noticing

Sweetie Belle's presence says, " Oh, hey, are you going to Applejack's
farm to help?" Grinning, Sweetie Belle says,

"Well, I'm going to her farm but not to work" her expression turns to one of slight

concern "or at least I don't think so." Continuing on the road,
Applejack says,

"Don't worry, y'all won't be havin' to do any work" Applejack turns her head to

Fluttershy "we're just going because Sweetie Belle here needs someone to
play with."

            When they arrive at Sweet apple acres, they see Big Macintosh hard at work, but not

Apple Bloom.

"Hey Bigmac. I don't see Apple Bloom anywhere. Where'd you reckon she went?"

Asked Applejack.

"Well, I reckon she might be helpin' Granny Smith over at the house, eeyup." Bigmac

replied. So, Sweetie Belle, Applejack and Fluttershy take the apple cart to the
barn for storage, then, walk toward the house.

"I can't wait to see what Apple Bloom is doing, I feel like its been forever since we've

played together." Sweetie Belle says excitedly.

"We'll, chances are that if she's helpin' Granny Smith; that means she's cookin'. But,

I’ll take over for her. When we get to the house, y'all  can go on
and play." Applejack said smiling.

            As they enter the house, the smell of apple pie and apple fritters fills their

nostrils.  "Mmm, wow it sure smells good in here." Sweetie
Belle says. Applejack just laughs. "Hey y'all, I'm home, and I brought
some company." Applejack said. Granny Smith rounds the corner to the
kitchen, "company?  Oh my, Sweetie Belle and uhmm.. OH, oh yes,

"Um, a-actually my name is- "  "Sweetie Belle!" Apple Bloom

shouts, interrupting Fluttershy. Sweetie Belle's face lights up.

"Apple Bloom! You have no idea how bored I was just sitting at my sister’s

house." she exclaimed. Applejack thinks to herself, ‘I bet I do.’

            "Alright y'all, go on and play while Granny Smith and me finish up the cooking."

Applejack said. As Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom leave the house Fluttershy
asked, "Do you guys mind if I join you, Angel has things under control for
now and I don't really have anyone to have fun with
either."  "Sure, the more the merrier." Sweetie Belle


                       Chapter 2: Trouble in The Everfree Forest


   While they walked along the road leading away from the farm, Apple Bloom notices
something in the bushes. As she goes to investigate, she hears Scootaloo's
voice coming from it.

"Ow, that really hurt, well, at least I'm making progress ." She says coming out of

the bramble.

"Scootaloo, what happened, where did you come from?" Apple Bloom said; worried.

"Up there." She replied.  Apple Bloom looks surprised,

"the tree?" She asked. Scootaloo lifts her hoof to her face in embarrassment,

"no, the sky!" She said, slightly annoyed.

Sweetie Bellejoins the conversation," so, all the lessons with Rainbow Dash have been paying off I see." She said with a smile.


Scootaloo nods,"yep, shes really helped me a lot since she decided to mentor me". She said proudly.

        Rainbow Dash appears in the corner of her eye, " hey kid, we're not done yet, get
back in the sky!" Rainbow Dash ordered.  

Scootaloo let out a small sigh and yelled back, "can't we take a break, we've been at

this for hours, I'm tired!"

Rainbow Dash's face turned to one of disappointment, "the only reason you've gotten so much accomplished was because you've been working hard,

I won't let you to fall behind." She said.


Scootaloo's face stiffens,  "well I can't really work hard at trying to fly if I break a wing now can I? Did you

see that fall I took; I'm lucky this bush was here or I could have been
seriously hurt."

         Rainbow Dash hangs her head and says, "oh, well, since you put it that

way, I guess we can just pick up where we left off tomorrow." As she comes
down to meet her student, she notices Fluttershy and the others and asks,
"what are all of you doing here?"

Apple Bloom says, "we were just on our way to find something to do in

Ponyville."  Rainbow Dash smirks and says,

"Trust me, there's nothing to do there, you know where we should go though?"

Apple Bloom looks eager, Rainbow Dash continues, "The Everfree Forest."

A collective gasp hits her and Fluttershy says, "oh no, w-we can't go there, its too

scary!" Rainbow Dash rolls her eyes and says,

"what are you talking about, you go into The Everfree Forest all the time."

"Yes, but, that's only to take care of the animals that live there, I never go there

unless I absolutely have to!" Fluttershy says slightly panicked. Sweetie
Belle sees this and says,

"Don't worry, it's not like you'll be alone, we will all be there with you; besides,

we might get our cutie marks for adventuring or something, right girls?"
She looks over to Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. The both just nod, not quite sure
of this idea.   Sweetie Belle's words calm Fluttershy enough for her
to agree.  Rainbow Dash, looking bored; proclaims,

    "Well, What's everyone waiting for; let's get going." They continue on the path

away from Ponyville to a fork in the road. One way takes you to Fluttershy's
cottage, the other; to The Everfree Forest. Fluttershy's fear begins to take
hold of her again as she states,

"Uh, I think I hear Angel calling for me, you guys don't mind if I go and see what he

wants do you?" They all stop and listen. Then Apple Bloom says,

"I don't hear anything, plus; didn't you say that he had everything under control when

you decided to come with us?" Fluttershy shutters and says,

"W-well yes, b-but-" Rainbow Dash interrupts,

    "Look Fluttershy, if you are really that scared, we won't force you to come with

us." Before she could even finish her sentence, Fluttershy was already
halfway down the path to her cottage. Rainbow Dash yells,

"We'll see you when we get back I guess." A look of minor disappointment crosses her

face. Sweetie Belle looks at Rainbow Dash and says,

"how could you just let her leave, we could have used her ability to speak to animals;

what is something tries to attack us?" Rainbow dash, clearly offended by
her question says,

"what do you think we're gonna do, we're gonna wipe the floor with it!" Sweetie

belle seems unconvinced. Rainbow Dash says,

"ok then, lets keep going." When they reach the entrance to The Everfree Forest,

they are met with warning signs depicting your typical "DANGER" and

Scootaloo turns to sweetie belle and asks, "are you sure you wanna go in there; I mean,

don't you remember how I handled that one incident in the woods?" Sweetie
Belle grins and says,

"yeah, as I recall, everything went right in the end." Scootaloo, annoyed be her

nonchalance says,

"yes but, that wasn't The Everfree Forest!" She says through gritting teeth trying

not to yell. Rainbow Dash turns her head to Scootaloo; while smiling she says,

"are you ready? I know you can handle it, this is an awesome test for you!"

Scootaloo just nods. "

Ok then, lets go in." Rainbow Dash decides to take point for safety reasons, and assigns

Scootaloo to the flank. Rainbow Dash looks behind her to say, "hey, you
guys see anything yet?" She gets a collective nope. After a few minutes go
by and nothing interesting happens, Applebloom finally says,

"this is getting too dangerous, we're getting deeper and deeper into the forest, what if

we can't find our way back out? Rainbow Dash, face hoofing; just points to her
wings, "oh." She said. (what a derp)


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