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Yeah, same as Harmonic here.  The link doesn't work



However if you simply search light cut flash game you'll get it pretty quickly as a search result an to be fair to this game it was a pretty well done parody. I have played the previous two when they both first got released upon the internet so this game does tickle me with some nostalgia while being different but not too deviant in its reenactment of the originals(mechanics/ tools/ general format). Its short though but none the less gets the joke across pretty well although it wasn't really that unique with the joke it executed it well enough despite that draw back. Good find and contribution.


Have a bro hoof.

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Sorry guys, I don't now what went wrong there, try this link to it, it should work better then the other one did, I hope it does, anyway:




I clicked on the link and it said that the page doesn't exist. Are you sure you included the right link in the OP? Sounds like a funny game but I can't play it because it says the page doesn't exist.



Well, it must be a pretty damn good game if ArmorGames decided to publish it. They're like, the games site. I'll go and check it out.


Thanks for showing us

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