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This is the story of Apple Bloom and why she joined Pinkie Pie in Cupcakes. Watch how changes in a young filly's life can change her from a sweet girl into a "monster." Was she justified to help Pinkie or not?


Chapter One: New school. New bow. New friends?


Note: Also can someone please tell me how the Apple family talks? I can't get their accents right, so I had to void it in this fanfic, but I really need the accents.

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I usually write the Apple Family's Accents using "Ah" instead of "I" and shortening words like "won't" into "won'". The thing is is that you have to remember that people will be reading this and you can't make the accents too thick. By all means use "don'" instead of "don't" etc. but try keep accents to the minimum while still putting the tinge of southern into their voices. It needs to be understandable and if you point out from the beginning how strong their accents is, readers will automatically read hear the accent in their head. Unless their accent isn't understandable (which none of the Apple Family's is) then you go all out :)


Hope this helps~

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