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What fictional character resembles you?


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Whats this, Unmerry made a topic. No, it cannot be. It shouldn't be. It mustn't be. I isn't be...wait that doesn't work.


Well, I should make at least one topic at some point, eh. So, it might as well be one to kill some time and be fun. There been alot of raging at twilicorn, "I'm brony but I'm not a brony", derpy hooves, politics and various other topics and talks that I think I should contribute a little something to make the atmosphere a little less tense.


Now. Basically this is a thread where you pick out a fictional character that you think resembles you or at least resembles qualities that you admire or relate too very well. The character can be from MLP, anime, cartoons, obscure movies or comics-WHATEVER, as long as they are fictional. 


You may use up to 3 characters if you so chose but bonus points if you can find one character that you would want to stick with that describes you or at least strongly relates to you in some way, the reasons you pick them can be deep and dear to you or around basic trivialities like you both enjoying cold baths and hating the smell of perfume.




There is no word requirement.





Pictures and videos are encouraged of your character to give us an example of who they are but you can keep it bare basic. Hell, if you feel you can say what you need in a line or two, go for it.







I shall go first:





My  character that I think resembles me and the qualities I relate would have to be Arakune:




Arakune: Arakune or rather Carmine, is an blob of unknown super natural liquid that hosts itself to the bodies of a thousands insects both foreign and strange to the known and mundane, it also utilizes them as a defense and in fact display the ability to control them if he can magically curse his enemies. Capable of total morphic abilities to the point  hardening and softening  along with the gift of teleportation and producing extra skeletal limbs out of nothing. 


Originally a scientist working under a genius and gifted master he became obsessed with the azure and his fixation on it led him to crossing the boundry-the after life- the result is that his body and mind have totally eroded. Arakune insanity knows very little bounds to the point that his memory has been shattered, forgetting face and names or places and when he recalls them it is common for him to forget important facts to it later. His obsession of the Azure has totally eaten his focus along with his random mood swings of mania and he expresses his release by screams and laughter mostly. Marginally unable to communicate due to Word salading-where insanity cause incoherent speech patterns- to a point that it literally slices chunks out of his words although unlike word salading he clearly understands the word he is using and is using them in correct order...though he still makes little sense.  






"Mister unmerry. Why would you make a crazy blob your choice?"-random audience member.


I tell you why.


We both are something that should of eroded away years ago due to our own vices, those who are effected with sethir tend to just melt away but Arakune moves about and master his condition, the fact he can even retain some sort of worldly presence is a triumph.


Like Arakune, I am haunted by my personal demons, most of them are of my making and some are cobbled from my sins which is once again me by proxy. I shift moods alot and lash out at other because I forget who my friends are, just as arakune forgets those who care about him even when staring him in the face. Arakune reminds me what I could be if I lose myself and he shows me what I AM when I fall into bad patterns...albeit a much more extreme version. But he is determined, insanity conjured or not its that kind of determination that will get you places even when every one else-as they do to arakune in blazblue- is telling each other and you that you are rotten, a lost cause or a worthless pile of trash despite relationships.  



Arakune exhibits traits in a way I want, granted those are few but they are there. He also exhibit traits I must accept and avoid or I am no better than him in a lot of ways. 


-wer both really hard and press ourselves to get something, rushing and not looking to see what it does to us.


-we both laugh alot constantly to let loose steam.


-We both set our betters against us rather than admitting their skill and learning from them (especially when I meet artist that are younger than me but are miles better....which is alot because I'm a generic artist at best although I only do this when I'm at my worst)


-We both get really paranoid and get convinced everyone around us is there to cause some sort of harm emotional or otherwise at times. 



-We both see things we probably shouldn't, sometimes we wish we hadn't and it changes us...he reminds me that I shouldn't let it change me into what he has become. He reminds me that I can't let it turn me into a monster and if it does that I must continue on with my life and make the best out of what I am none the less, even if it seem hopeless to do so.



Arakune is sort of a post me, the next step of a failed me in a way but that doesn't change the fact him and I are more alike than I would appreciate to admit. 



Arakune is my only submission, I won't be using my 3 max. 

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1) Twilight Sparkle

2) Simon from Gurren Lagann

3) Travis Touchdown


Twilight because we find our education important and in general we are really nerdy. Simon because we both shy but we have that older brother figure we look up to. Travis Touchdown, well he is who I want to be(not the older brother figure I was talking about), on top of that, we both have a love for geeky things like anime, anime memorabillia, video games, wrestling, and scantily-clad anime girls

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Characters that resemble me personality wise? I wish I could say Ash from Evil Dead because that would be bad ass, but no, i'm not that cool. I'd say that this one lady in Lavender town who says she needs blood, because I too need blood...I guess?


Also on the subject of Arakune, is it odd that I think being Arakune would be kick ass? I mean just look at him!

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I have been told that I look like a younger Homer Simpson but aside from my apetite I am not that much like him. As for characters I actually am like I would have to say


1. Applejack: I have honesty often brutal honesty

2. Twilight Sparkle: I am a former honor student who once suffered from extreme social awkwardness and slight ocd tendencies

3. Raphael: resident hothead of the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles he is often very stubborn and competitive.

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Victor van Dort from Corpse Bride:

  • We're both timid around people who you'd think a higher level than yourself
  • We'll hold people to their word, even if it's yourself and not in your favor
  • We're a bit afraid to say what's on our minds
  • We'll both act nervous in a situation that might seem out of our hand
  • We might think low of ourselves
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Characters that resemble me eh? Have to think about that one........


I like to think Death the Kid from Soul Eater resembles me. I have OCD much the same as him about things being even and symmetrical, not to mention we have similar tastes in fashion.

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Fat Albert






-Rainbow Dash


Ehh, I'm a mix of three, Twilight and Pinkie? It seems impossible, I know, but I'm not an extremely social person, and I can be quite the egghead on things, and more than anything, I love being correct, the feeling of being correct, and showing others WHY I'm correct, I spend quite a lot of time alone and I tend to read a lot, and be critical about what it is I read. Pinkie, well this might be a bit obvious to you guys, and to some of my closest friends, seriously, when I showed my friend MLP, the only thing she said was "OH GOD, YOU'RE LIKE THAT PINK ONE" It was funny tho, And Lastly RD, I love being correct, but what I love more than that is winning, I love getting better, testing myself. I hate when people describe me as "cute" I can be a bit tomboyish, but in reality, I only look like it xD

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This is a very difficult question... Fluttershy is a bit obvious because we share quite a few traits, but that isn't fun! Let's analyse some other fictional characters, step outside of the proverbial box and gaze bravely upon the rare sun rays of originality!


The Ranting Swede from Sheep and the Big City.


A character who's sole purpose is to rant about something completely random at the end of every episode. His aimless and insane ramblings are quite like mine when I get angry about someone who managed to get in the local paper's letter to the editor. And that's pretty much all we know about him.



Detective Dick Gumshoe from the Ace Attorney series.


He looks a bit rough, but he is actually a nice guy. He is also a bit of a screw up when it comes to his profession and his salary is so low that he resorts to living on instant noodles, but he still does his best. He is the partner of Miles Edgeworth, a well known prosecutor and his loyalty has never waned. This loyalty is a trait we share and I have never intentionally hurt my friends or betrayed them.



As for the third character... screw it, going with Fluttershy! (there are just too many similarities to pass up)


She requires no introduction and as I previously mentioned, we share quite a few traits: Kindness, empathy, shyness, modesty and the love of animals. The one key difference is that my defence mechanism actually works as opposed to simply giving "the stare."

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  1. Applejack
  2. Applejack
  3. Applejack

What? That isn't how this works? Oh, well in that case then...


  1. Applejack from that one show - I abhor lying, grew up on a farm, I wear cowboy boots and hat, I'm dependable, hard working...
  2. Leonard from Big Bang Theory - I'm a geek and proud of it. Somewhat shy, smart, I actually do have Cpt. Picards outfit from ST:TNG...
  3. Dean from Supernatural - Yea, not sure what to say here other than "everything" and "pie". I even had an antique vehicle as my daily driver I called Baby until here recently.

Okay, I'm not an experimental physicist pony who hunts demons on the side with a crazy angle sidekick, but those are who I've been told I am most like. I mostly agree and feel they sum me up nicely. Plus all the online quizzes say these three as well, and as we all know things on the internet are always true.


woo I'm a butterfly!

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-Vinyl Scratch (you know what she looks like ^_^ )

-Sniper http://youtu.be/PyNuriXG3BQ

-Gordon Freeman


I feel like Vinyl because I absolutely love music, Sniper because I secretly think I'm an Australian and I like High powered rifles. And gordon freeman, because We both get thrown into things that we weren't involved in.

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Of MLP, I relate the most to Twilight Sparkle. That's nice and all. But I practically am Sokka from Avatar:The Last Airbender. We share the exact same sense of humor, I'm the "idea gal", we have a sort of... interesting kind of logic, are skeptical, have some very girly traits, are not naturally skilled at drawing, tend to be planners...


My friends are huge Avatar fans, and this is how our "What character from A:TLA would you be?" discussion went:


Me: I call Sokka

Them: YES

Me: Okay, now let's actually consider the hard ones.


We even attempted to decide what Legend of Korra character I'd be (even though I'm only on episode 3 of LOK), but in the end, I said "I'd be dead, because I'd still be Sokka.".

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Grr... I really want to say "Rarity" or "Rainbow Dash" or another really cool character from another fandom. I want to be able to post that the fictional character I resemble, personality wise is anyone other than this one, but honesty permits me to admit this.




Basically, I'm a loner and I don't smile. I also am far too obsessed with things that happened in the past, I distance myself from people deliberately, I can be a bitch and a drama queen, and I wear black far too often. -.-

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You know this is gonna sound really, really, really lame but when I was a kid I kind of modeled a lot of myself out of Sonic the Hedgehog from Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. I didn't really make myself an exact clone, but I kind of kept his care free and laid back attitude. 


The whole pony personality test thing says I'm most like Pinkie Pie, and I can understand why it'd say that. I'm usually laid back about anything, won't shut up, too busy bouncing off the walls, doing all sorts of stupid things, blah blah blah.


that being said, if I were to compare myself to an actual cartoon character I'd actually have to say Naruto. I haven't seen the later episodes because I admittedly lost cable while it was still being shown and haven't been bothered to look it up online yet, but I remember him being an immature character who wanted to do good but was usually too lazy or unskilled. This applies to me because this totally is me.

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You know this is gonna sound really, really, really lame but when I was a kid I kind of modeled a lot of myself out of Sonic the Hedgehog from Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. I didn't really make myself an exact clone, but I kind of kept his care free and laid back attitude.



:lol:  Sorry, I just could not resist the temptation, especially what with your post coming right after my post. I just wanted to get it in first before anyone else did.

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Hmm...someone very close to me says that I am a lot like Twilight, but I don't really see a strong resemblance.


From the zeitgeist of fiction, I think I have a lot in common with Lucifer. He was dissatisfied with the status quo, and took drastic measures to change it. He's made the villain for being the embodiment of doubt. For offering an alternative way of looking at things, he is called the Father of Lies. He's a bit too prideful at times, and he often lacks sympathy for others.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 6D's 5D's


- Yusei Fudo


Excellent cardplayer. Doesn't luck out hardcore like certain other Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists. Is very perceptive. Does clever moves and comebacks and wins. His best monsters are my best monsters.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


- Twilight


Intelligent. Takes education seriously. OCD (worse than me, though. :V).


- Applejack (this is more admiration than what I am)


Honest. Hard-worker. Also perceptive (I've noticed in a handful of episodes that almost nothing gets by her. :V) Would almost never willingly do wrong to another or would have too much difficulty trying. Only exception would be those who probably deserve it.


- Rainbow Dash


Competitive. Like Sonic. Loyal to the very end.




That's all I can think of.

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i kinda relate to Sora from Kingdom Hearts :3
a lot of my friends agree on that, i guess its because i'll do anything for my friend, have a keyblade x3 and is just like him ^3^

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Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec.


He's musically inclined, not very serious, has mostly-good intentions, is messy, and basically does whatever he wants without feeling self-conscious. He's also self-destructively lazy, but is willing to go to any lengths for the happiness of his loved ones. Also, he's funny as hell, and I am of the (subjective) opinion that I am also funny as hell. 


Bam. I see a lot of people listing three characters they resemble, but... so lazy.


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As much as I hate to say it, two of the My Little Pony characters suit me.

Pinkie Pie- There are two sides of me, one side is extremely happy, joyful and want nothing but happiness. I love candy and sweets and usually extremely hyper and giggly, at times I can be extremely annoying! The other side of me is very depressed, not trusting, and won't listen to anyone's words.


Twilight Sparkle- I'm a nerd, and extremely proud of it. I love reading, I love learning new things and I adore libraries. It depresses me greatly that the book industry is going down, and that the number of people who adore reading as a hobby is extremely low. I am also extremely close friends with my big brother, he is my best friend for life even though he's moved out and I don't see him much anymore.


And there is one other character from an anime called Girls und Panzer named Yukari Akiyama. I can be shy when I first meet you just like her but when I'm around or doing something that I feel passionately about my true colours come out. Also in grade 5 I didn't have much friends and my books and the Titanic seemed very much like my only friends, very much like Yukari when she was younger, tanks were her only friends.

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Girls und Panzer

HELL YEAH! I loved that show~


Well, if we're talking physical resemblance, apparently I look like Asuka Langely Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

YES <3

Biggest compliment anyone ever gave me.


I'm also similar to her in the sense that she's a very broken girl, and requires attention to feel happy. While I've sort of outgrown that, I do act a lot like her in the sense that I exude false confidence but really just want to be liked and to be accepted.

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It's been the same since day one of watching Tenchi Muyo...my wife, my friends all say Mihoshi (though admittedly smarter)


I am happy, energetic, always an optimist and sometimes unrealistic in that I don't see the logic before I let emotions play the game before me

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