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The meaning of happiness

Pfc Ecnolancer

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Well for one thing friendship is magic, so I'll have to say hanging out with friends whether they be online or in real life. And there's something greater then friendship, love. I really like this quote from Aquamarine about love.


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Video games have been the greatest source of happiness for as long as I can remember (most notably RPG games). To virtually be in a different world, far away from my everyday problems is an amazing feeling

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I made a list once, but I don't feel like finding and copying it or making a new one. Basically I'm fairly happy as long as nothing gets in my way to prevent me from being happy. Yeah, that was a pretty worthless answer. Deal with it.

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For me, the day I will truly be happy will be the day I finally harden over and stop caring so much about everything! If I just stopped giving a buck, i'm sure life would be a lot more smooth.

But until then...

1. Reading

2. Seeing my friends, the ones who make me feel loved and appreciated.

3. Writing

4. Dancing, i love taking on the roles of other characters and escaping my life and living another one

5. History, seriously it's pathetic how excited i get during history class

6. My family, even tho we're at each other's wits a lot, i love my family they mean the universe to me

7. Music

8. Helping out other people (cliche yes I know, and cheesy but I love helping others)

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Being able to talk to people, whether it be online or in real life. My friends in real life, along with all of you here on mlp forums, make my life complete.

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The Mlp forums makes me happy, watching MLP makes me happy, listening to music makes me happy, playing music on my trumpet makes me happy, getting smiles from my crush or even getting to talk to her makes me happy, being able to spend time with friends makes me happy, playing games makes me happy, helping people makes me happy..


Theres a good amount of stuff that makes me happy. Thats only some, really when I'm in a good mood simply being alive makes me happy.


Theres plenty of times of sadness to, but ya know life is pretty awesome when you really think about it.

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1. Ponies

2. Anyday I don't have to go into the god forsaken hellhole called work

3. Working on my plans to be an author

4. Both listening to and playing music

5. Video games

6. A good meal

7. Comics

8. Anime/manga


And a few other things

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This list probably will not be complete, but here is the stuff I can think of now.


-As mentioned before, I can experience euphoria, but on top of that I also experience music euphoria, dream euphoria, and nostalgia euphoria (if that exists).

-Just as hinted above, Music and Dreams.


-Good fiction.

-Inspiring/amazing real life stories (typically about war, though not always).

-On some random occasions, loss of sense of reality, time, and things of that nature make me happy.

-My Little Pony and all the fan creations of course.

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I can basically find happiness from a lot of stuff.

I got a list:


- Smiling

- Fanfictions

- Friends

- Video Games

- My Little Pony

- Hanging out and stuff.

- Relaxing while listening to Music.

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Happiness can only be gained indirectly, through the pursuit of intellectual, creative or physical stimulation.


I personally very much enjoy writing, art, computer graphic design in various methods and some video games, but I know that happiness is not intrinsically in these things. Neither is it in love or religion or refusal of religion.

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We make our own happiness. I've tried to think of what it means to myself but I find the thing dies in the process. :)



I haven't felt happiness ever since I was conscious of my existence, all that is left is ambition and the desire to impose my will on the masses.


I read this with a totally deadpan delivery and it was hilarious.

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When you've seen as much brutality, violence, genocide and mass murder as me, you'll probably never be happy ever again either.I guess I'm like any war veteran with post traumatic stress disorder and worse stuff coz of a war and violent environment.

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-Ponies (Duhh)






-Making people laugh

-Smoke weed everyday

Um and some other stuff I forgot to think of.




D=  I hope you feel better soon.

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There are a few things that bring me happiness.


  1. Pinkie Pie!
  2. MLP
  3. Seeing that I have made others happy.
  4. Talking to my BF
  5. Working... yes my work brings me happiness... it dose.
  6. Pot
  7. Chatting with my best friend in the whole world... myself.
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