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minor issue with the fancy new dropdowns in Navigation bar

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namely, this one:



the dropdown menus won't reposition themselves in regard to window size, and if your computer's display isn't big enough, the furthermost menu (the username menu) will be partially cut off as shown above. Please note that there is no horizontal scrollbar shown when in fullscreen


HOWEVER, if you are viewing the page in a cascaded window, there is a horizontal scrollbar, and the dropdown menus are off-screen, still distanced according to the draw distance set up by the maximum page size (fullscreen mode). But, when you click on the far right dropdown menu, the page extends slightly to allow for the dropdown (which would normally go off screen) until it is closed.


EDIT: by "fullscreen" I mean the window is maximized. I don't mean fullscreen as in F11


Whoops, should have posted to the bug tracker.

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