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MLP Birthday Situations

Doctor XFizzle

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This might belong in Cloudsdale Coliseum when all said and done, but I wasn't sure.

Saw this on ponibooru and brought it over here only because mine fits sooooooo perfectly.

If you don't want to reveal your birthdate, you don't have to, but post if you'd like or dislike your scenario/situation


Posted Image



I violated Dr. Whooves! >_> I mean, yesssssssssss.

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Married to Octavia? Ya know what, I haven't got a single problem with this ;)



I do however have 3 problems with this post...


1. This most definately belongs in Cloudsdale Colloseum. It is both a game, AND something Spammy of the sort.

2. Violated sounds a little bit inappropriate, especially when used in the context I'm assuming it is meant to be. >.>

3. "February: Switched bpdies with" Well, I'm glad some have switched Bpdies with certain ponies, but I'm not quite sure what a bpdy is. ;)


(/rant)And with that, I believe I shall be off! *trots away!*

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Switch bodies with Mayor Mare?

Now, i want to be a different pony (Pinkie), but I cant imagine a better pony to be walking around in my body. I am satisfied with this.




I have a one small problem with this though... Three small problems, actualy...


If anyones birthday is on July the 17th, 18th or 19th then they should be arrested and put away for a very long time... Seriously...

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"Create battle clones of Lyra."



Now go, my army of Lyras, bring me the super rare Ultra Deser...... NOW Is NOT a good time to sit! GO!


I'm over-reacting a bit, aren't I?

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