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Superhero or Supervillain?

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  1. 1. Superhero or Supervillain?

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Allow me to explain.

When either one, you have your desired superpowers. However, you can choose only one of the two of the uses: Good, and Evil.

When you're a superhero, you work for society. You get public fans, and sometimes the glory. However, you only help others and not yourself. And if you keep going at this for a LONG time, the police could probably sit back and just look up to you, making you do all the work.

When you're a supervillain, you work AGAINST society. You get the money and power. You help yourself, but not others. But the heroes, super or not, will look for you and there's a chance you will get caught.

TL;dr version:
Superhero is good, and super villain is evil

I don't want flaming here over what they choose. Otherwise, I will tell one of the mods/admins to lock this thread.

If you ask me though, I'd say superhero Edited by Bloody L
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I'd have to say Superhero, because I grew up liking superheroes from DC and Marvel. Supervillains always find a way to piss off a Superhero, plus the Superheroes have a better backstory.


'' What people love to see, is a hero go down, die trying, in spite of everything you've done for them eventually they will hate you.'' - Green Goblin


Pretty much, explains why a superhero likes to save citizens.

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I'd say supervillian because I'm a bit over with this "grow up to be a superhero" inspirational advice. Pretty much everyone you meet nowadays wanted to be a superhero when they were little. Me? I want to be different. I want to be someone with superpowers that wants to use it for his own good. I want to have total power! I WANT WORLD DOMINATION!!!


Nah I'm not going crazy,just going a bit overboard. But I do prefer supervillian over superhero.

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