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Cut the time between posts?


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I know that it's set to a minute to protect from spam bots, but some people are just neccarly fast typers. Especially in the forum games.


Anyways, I was thinking maybe we could cut the time from 60 seconds to 30. I get the "The administrator has limited the amount of posts you can make within a short time frame. Please wait X seconds." message quite frequently.

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You know, I actually agree with this. A minute is a little long. 30 seconds I feel would be a lot better. Really the only time I'm affected by the minute wait time is in Cloudsdale. I'd say everywhere else works just fine with the minute.

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The post timer isn't something that can be set for specific boards, sadly. While I acknowledge that it may be a minor inconvenience within the confines of Cloudsdale, where rapid posting is both perfectly plausible and acceptable (and something I've done myself on more than one occasion), cutting the timer down wouldn't really make any sense within the context of any of the other boards on the forum.


If it takes you less than sixty seconds to make a post, navigate back to the board index, locate another thread of interest, read the existing posts within the thread, and type of your own thoughtful and quality response... you're very likely some manner of monstrous superhuman entity that far surpasses my own abilities in every regard. While I offer your capabilities the utmost praise and admiration, they are uncommon enough that the benefits afforded to cutting the timer down in such a way would be supremely limited.

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