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Who's a better Brony DJ Mixer?


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I'm in a dillema, I'm trying to choose who I think is my favorite Brony DJ Mixer...


Apparently, I'm stuck between these two:


OfficialDJPON3 or either OfficialTheDDJBron3


They're both Youtubers. OfficialDJPON3 hasn't actually been uploading any Mixes in a long time, but her Mixes are great! But OfficialTheDDJBron3's Mixes are pretty good too! Also, OfficialTheDDJBron3 has been uploading up to 2-3 Mixes a week, but I don't know if I like him just because he uploads a lot of Mixes, or either because his Mixes sound better.


Apparently, they've both got a great taste in Electronic Music... but OfficialTheDDJBron3 also has a thing for music with Piano and Orchestral Instruments also, he's got a Mix series call "Vinyl Scratch's And Octavia's Performance!, and it basically shows how much he loves Techno-Acoustic Fusion.




Well, I hope someone on this Site shares his/hers opinion too...


I think I'm slowly edging closer to OfficialTheDDJBron3, his Mixes are getting better.

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I enjoy both artists on youtube, I discovered DDJBron3 only because I met him here on the forums and had a nice conversation with him... DJPon3 I found randomly on youtube.

I admit I like DJ Pon3 a lot, the music is very good, as well as the quality of the mixes, all in one flow...

what fascinates me since I discovered DDJBron3 is the originality of his mixes (especially talking about the vinyl cratch/ octavia performance, very impressive), especially talking about the fusion of classical with electronic music. Of course DDJBron3 is newer, has a way smaller fanbase and is much less known, but I like him for just showing me a new, great kind of music I couldn´t really imagine.

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OfficialTheDDJBron3 on Youtube just uploaded a new Mix... I just listened to it and it makes me want to beat Mirrors Edge again 8D Also, that Destiny's Path mix he made for about how Twilight is going to become an Alicorn, was pretty cool too :)

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