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Hey Everypony!


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Hey there, Zioko! Welcome to MLPforums! You will defo enjoy it here, as the community here is fantastic! ^__^ 


You should head over to Octavia's Hall (where most of the art boards are), and maybe you can ask someone to create your avatar there? I'm sure some artist there can help ya out. :) 


Hopefully you can stick around, and hopefully we can be friends! Don't hesitate to shoot me a message, alright! Have fun <3 

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Welcome to the forums!  :)  We know you love MLP, but WHAT do you love about it?  Give us some details to work with, and we'll talk until your ears fall off, lol.  Just feel free to explore.  Show Discussion and Sugarcube Corner are the best places for in depth conversations about the cartoon and the franchise.  We're very welcoming and you're sure to fit right in.  Enjoy!

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Heya there, welcome to the forums.  I can't make avatars for the life of me, I just search on the internet and get some. I found a pretty awesome website with wicked cool avatars [i'm using it now, it's where I got my current avatar].


If you need a question answered, check the FAQ or as one of us older members/mods on here, or if you just need a friend ask any people here on this wonderful forum, we're all happy to help. Most of us are, anyway...

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