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Feather Gem

What Did The Generation Three Books Teach You?

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(this is only from a few of the books I have, the others are...around)


The World's Biggest Tea Party:

  • Sweetberry has the most amazing Sweetshoppe.
  • With effort, they make G3 the most adorable thing ever, especially with those darling mane styles! (Rainbow Dash has her mane in a braid, and Pinkie Pie has this ribbon wrapped around a strand)
  • Rainbow Dash shouldn't blow bubbles with her bubblegum anymore.
  • Thistle Whistle could easily be Lightning Dust in poses and looks.
  • Thistle Whistle makes a great tea kettle imitation.
  • Minty shouldn't be a mailmare.  Though she could easily be Derpy.
  • Even back then, the illustrators did amazing art and fashion for the ponies.  Look at dem hats.
  • Fluttershy looks adorkable in a hat and scarf.
  • Rarity was a fabulous decorator, even back then...just not as independent.
  • Wysteria needs to come to Generation Four.
  • Pinkie Pie sometimes acts dumb, even back then.

Fun At The Fair:

  • Wysteria does not wear a wet mane well.
  • Butterscotch makes the weirdest faces.  (creepy)
  • Minty is strong.
  • Minty looks freakin' adorable in a cap.
  • That background pony doesn't wear a wet mane well either.
  • Minty has no aim.
  • Rainbow Dash likes to get her face painted.
  • Butterscotch has a scrapbook.
  • Minty really likes teddy bears.

Mystery Monster:

  • Ponies just look great in hats.
  • Daisy Jo has an awesome garden.
  • Daisy Jo is a scardey cat.
  • Rainbow Dash and Kimono enjoy pony checkers.
  • Daisy Jo sucks her non-existing thumb in her sleep.
  • Kimono wears Kimono's to breakfast.
  • Rainbow Dash has monster-catching equipment for some odd reason...
  • Rainbow Dash used to have rainbow eyes.
  • Rabbits can scream.
  • Rainbow Dash can sit like a Lyra. (sort of)

A Pony's Tale:

  • Wysteria is an awesome painter.
  • Cotton Candy is a wonderful story teller.
  • Cotton Candy has no imagination though.
  • Rainbow Dash makes a really creepy princess.
  • Minty makes a really creepy clown.
  • Pinkie Pie is an adorable ballerina.

Fashion Fun:

  • Sew-and-So was the Generation Three version of Rarity and made dresses and owned a boutique.
  • Rainbow Dash likes dresses with poodles on them.
  • Rainbow Dash wants to be 'the queen of a sock hop'. 
  • Daisy Jo has an eye for style.
  • Minty likes yellow rain slickers.
  • Fluttershy used to be a photographer.
  • Minty really was the old Derpy!  Look at that clumsy!
  • Kimono and Wysteria somehow know how to make a stage from scratch.
  • Rainbow Dash knows how to decorate invitations.
  • Minty pulls the best face known to man.
  • Rainbow Dash is better off as an athlete then...that.
  • Cotton Candy and Wysteria are freakin' adorable in tutus
  • Minty is adorkable.
  • Look!  Sew-and-So is even generous like Rarity!
    Minty somehow manages to be the best in a fashion show even in a rain coat.

Butterfly Hunt:

  • Sparkleworks and Serendipity make awesome friends.
  • Serendipity is an awesome butterfly hunter.
  • Butterflies like Sparkleworks.
  • Butterflies had the power to lift the weight of ponies even in Generation Three.
  • Kimono lives in a cave and is probably Zecora.

Wishes Do Come True!:

  • Ponies are awesome dancers
  • Ponies have a sense of style.
  • Skywishes likes kites.
  • Kites are wish catchers.
  • Pegasai used to be rare and special mythical creatures.  And were absolutely gorgeous.  But when their secret is found out by every pony, their magic will be lost forever!
  • Man, these illustrators could be designers!  That outfit exceeds even Rarity's abilities!
  • Pegasai make wishes come true.
  • Ponies make awesome sand castles.
  • Cotton Candy knows how to make ice pops.
  • Even pegasai like to collect berries.
  • Desert Rose is sort of mean.
  • Sparkleworks can never wear sunglasses again.
  • Man, that pegasus never stops collecting berries!
  • Ponies like marshmellows!
  • Twinkle not a good friend, and yet a good friend.
  • Behind waterfalls is a magical place where pegasai live.
  • Pegasai are so gorgeous in Generation Three!
  • Starcatcher must have been the past Celestia.

Enjoy reading the ridiculous and post what G3 books taught you xD

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I remember reading a G3 book when I was a bit younger... I think it was about some pony losing their costume or something.

Anyways, great way to not hate on G3!

Brohoof to you! /)

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@Feather Gem

Moving to Classic Generations and altered the title to give more proper context.

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