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Anyone remember me? I know, it's been ages since I last visited. 


So anyways, I'm announcing a new project in development. It is a MLP stop-motion project set in space, in our future. Note I used "our" in that sentence... you see, it takes place in the ponies' present time (well, maybe just a couple of years from the actual pony-present) but over a few-hundred years from our present time. I'll explain the storyline below, after I show you the trailer:






The year is 2241. The Earth and its neighboring Solar planets have been destroyed, forcing outland humans to search for a new homeworld in the depths of alien space. They found one...
For years us humans and an intelligent pony species have coexisted and shared our technological knowledge on this magical alien planet. But some of us sought total conquest, hoping to eliminate the pony species so that we can be the dominant species of the planet and space itself. 
A special unit was created with the cooperation of the Equestrian armed forces and the human militaries to counter these advanced terrorists, officially designated the 125th Stellar Defence Force. Also known as...
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Some extras for the moment:




The project was originally a prequel for my fan film of the Alien series, Alien Reborn, which has now been cancelled. This allowed for some changes in the story, which eventually lead to the decision of adding pony toys in it and adding a story around them.


This is some of the original concept art:








The original cover art prototype:




"Battlewings" insignia prototype:





Rough concept for an enemy mobile logistics and carrier starship in Battlewings, which I've started construction on already:



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More concepts:


First image is a cockpit concept for the fighters in "pony-configuration." Second is Queen Chrysalis' flagship, though she may not be in the first installment of this story. (It was proposed for a possible continuation if people like Battlewings enough to want more).

The rest are concepts for Canterlot in this retrofuturistic universe. They also correspond to my Imposters fanfic project because they basically take place in an extremely similar (if not the same) universe.









And this is a rough cut of the Canterlot fly-over sequence early in the movie. I added a temp track from Blade Runner to fit the mood, though I may not actually use tracks from this movie in the final version.



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Some photos of a few of the model miniatures:


The largest one is the USS "Dreadnaught", the main carrier starship used by the 125th. From left to right (below the Dreadnaught) in the first pic: "Hovercopter", heavy cargo shuttle "Iridani Princess" (formerly "Taarna" from another project that was abandoned), and the "Aeronaut".


The rest are as follows: The enemy cargo logistics carrier starship, and the antagonist's fighter used at the end of the movie.









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Dear goodness. You are on something that not only has never been made in this fandom, but probably never done on this scale. You are making your own models and artwork for crying out loud. Please don't quit on this, Because this is Fantastic!

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