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Searching Tragic Love Stories

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If you love me, let me know, if not, please gently let me go.



Roleplay Topic: ______



There's so much tragic love stories in the world.  Some are well known tales that never happened.  Some are unknown stories that actually occurred.  Every pony has to go through them, whether through a book or through real life.

Either way, its your decision what happens afterwards.




  1. No godmoding.
  2. No over-powered OCs
  3. No Mary Sues.
  4. No alicorns.
  5. No happy endings xD
  6. No fillers
  7. Not too much gore
  8. Keep it rated PG13
  9. No abandoning the roleplay
  10. Don't mention one of the mane six every single time you want to mention a pony.  Mention an OC or a background pony.
  11. Only OCs are allowed.




Ponyville.  But, every now and then, there will be an event such as camping or heck, maybe even Discord or Nightmare Moon or something.  Maybe even the fudging apocalypse will come along!

But every pony, and I mean every pony will have to participate.

I mean, as much fun as it is to just sit and do nothing in Ponyville all day...well...its not.



More About The Roleplay:


Feel free to make as many tragic love stories as you want.

Try and make your tragic love story, eventually come to an end.  Did your OC leave Ponyville?  Did your OC commit suicide?  Did your OC go to a mental institution?  Well, that's where your story ends.  Now you can start a new one!

Be as dramatic as you want.  That's why its called a tragic love story.

Sometimes, you'll need three in one love story.  Try and plan it out before you begin it.  You may find yourself trapped in a perfect love story!  So plan it out okay?  This isn't a slice of life roleplay.

Be creative.  Anything goes.



Looking For:


Here is where I'll put up something if you're looking for a pony to roleplay with and perhaps need a bad pony and stuff.  Just request it and I'll put it up here.


Male Changeling - Contact Feather Gem




Chamois Vine - Feather Gem

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