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Convention experiences

Sanic Screwdriver

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What conventions have you been to or are you going to? What were they like? What did you do? Did you pick up any merch or get any autographs there? If so what'd you get? THESE ARE THE HARD HITTING QUESTIONS THAT NEED TO BE ANSWERED! THAT IS WHY CANTERLOCK IS A NECESSITY!!!!!

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The conventions in and around Toronto, where I live. Anime North, Fan expo, ConG, Frostcon, and soon, Canterlot Con :D

I would just walk around (with friends, of course), tune in to the panels, check out vendors and compare and buy merchendise from them. I also cosplay, so I go to the photo shoots :P

For merch, I bought an ocarina, plushies, a knife, and MANY posters. I also got an autograph from Jamie Marchi, English VA for Panty, from PSG XD

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Howdy all!


Is there a list of MLP related cons?

I wasnt sure since theres plenty of Anime Cons out there. (Anime Expo is the granddaddy of all cons, I go there every year)


And I was curious since i want to attend a MLP related con.



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I've only ever been to furry cons, of which I've been to my local con Rainfurrest several times, and I've been to Anthrocon in Pittsburgh twcie. Anthrocon is the 'big dance' of furry cons, biggest fur con in the world, and it is something. Luckily I was meeting up with online friends each time I went, cause honestly they would not have been fun had I not been meeting up from people that I know online.


The day time stuff is all well and fun, but I think the best stuff happens at night. Going to bars to see fursuit kareoke and guys in fursuits chugging beers (through their costumes), and then heading over to the nightly rave to dance it up, and after that just sitting in the hotel room with friends, sharing brews, and talking about stuff that happend to us online. Oh yes cons are good fun. :)


Hopefully will be going to my first anime convention, Sakura Con, in another month or so, and then hopefully Everfree Northwest, which will be my first pony con. :)

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