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Hello everybody! (or everypony, or whatever)


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Hello everybody! (or pony, depending on your preference), I am Spess! I've been in this fandom for quite some time now, but hardly any of that was talking to actual bronies. Most of it was me watching the show, trying my hand at drawing (which I must admit, has not gone well), trying my hand writing fanfics (which has actually gone much better), and generally just watching youtube videos and looking at all the stuff this great fandom has to offer!


But recently, I've been losing alot of motivation (dont get me wrong, I'm not depressed or anything and I'm not looking for sympathy) to do anything really. While positivley recived, my fanfic on FIMfiction doesnt get many comments, and I'm not even going to go into the steaming pile of filth that is my DeviantArt account. I've also been feeling kind of lonley. I'm a closet brony when it comes to real life, and I'm not exactly the most popular person when it comes to school.


So, after some thought about this, I decided to join MLP forums, so that I could talk to people and make freinds. Actual freinds, not just people who leave nice comments on your stuff or give you thumbs up. People who I feel comfortable to just chat with about the one thing we really love. Ponies.


So yeah, my steam name is Ruskie24, so dont hesitate to add me on steam (My account has private settings on, but once again thats only because I'm a closet brony when it comes to real life). Also, I'm currently trying to learn Source Filmaker. It really would be brilliant if I could use that well.



Hai guise, I'm new here. :wub:


P.S. If someone guesses what my name is a reference to, you win 1000 internets.

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