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movies/tv Antagonists Goals... what are the reasons to be evil?


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From Books to Movies to games, there is often a villain  but often they have very similar reasons of doing what they do.



2. To destroy the world.

3. To get the girl by being a d*****bag. 

4. Just because he/she doesn't like the protagonist.

5. Because he/she is crazy and just likes hurting folks.


What other reasons are out their antagonist do what they do? Like Chrysalis wanted food, stuff like that.



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Being a hero is too mainstream.


The darkside has cookies.


For the lolz.


They know I'm an antagonist, and they join my side because they have a crush on me and want to be close to me.

For the lolz, yes.


I forgot to add "Following his/her duty.", such as Giegue from Mother/Earthbound Zero.


Wait, if you evil... maybe?



Are you still there?

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Alot of antagonists I find become that way out of revenge for something that happended, while their action and plan is to destroy the world per say, their reasoning behind it seems to stem from revenge alot of times. Or sometimes its just a thirst for power, it all depends on what type of movie or show this is also :P.

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Don't forget Loki's reason in The Avengers movie:

Dethroned by brother and banished to a distant moon.




Then ofcourse there is the reason in cabin in the woods:




Seriously, if you plan on watching this film, this will ruin it for you



im not joking!



To appease ancient beings that demand blood sacrifice in order to stop them destroying the world.







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They usually do it for the following reasons:


1. To get revenge on  the protagonist.


2. To emerge as a villain in the comic books.


3. Take over the world.


4. Conquer everything that breaths.

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