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Selecting a cosplay wig


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Tonight, I'm intending on ordering the wig I need for my Lyra cosplay. What I'm planning to do is order a short white anime-ish wig, dye most of it aquamarine, while leaving a streak of white on either side of the wig, and then possibly style it until it closely resembles Lyra's mane. This here's the wig that I'm most likely gonna purchase (I'm getting it from amazon.com, BTW):




Obviously, this is more silvery white rather than standard white like the streak on Lyra's mane, but do you guys think buying this wig would be a good bet? Or are their any other similar ones available that are just as good, or even better? (and not too expensive, I hope)

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The silvery color looks fine.It'd probably look more "realistic" than just a pure white strand of hair once you get to styling it.


If you'd prefer an alternative,I have found an aquamarine colored wig with some white in it here,but it's not in a streak,so you're gonna have to stylize some there.It's just a matter of coloring a whole wig while leaving a streak versus making a streak on a wig and coloring in some of the wig as well.

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Right now, I just found on amazon a much better and more promising wig:




I'm probably gonna go with this one instead. I've just gotten under the impression that my previous candidate wig might be too small for me.

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