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You know who would make a very good Alicorn? Maybe even a great princess at that!? A very certain character that has shown nerves of steel, unending resolve, and never flinches no matter what the danger.




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Somehow it feels like Twilight is getting a lot of heat for improving and getting better, whether or not it was her choice, nor did she flaunt it.

Twilight did not place herself on any pedestal. The whole thing practically screamed "We should always be equal, regardless of the name we hold."

I don't see how the writers deserve so much pain for that...

Do you normally get mad at your friends just because they finally did something you 'didn't really like'?

That's somewhat harsh...


Anyways, for plot reasons, I don't think they should ruin the effect of an Alicorn by making anymore.


For design purposes... Dash makes an excellent Alicorn.

(mainly because it seems princess manes grow longer and that's kinda hawt even tho I prefer RD's usual short mane)

not at all...but this show isn't my friendships...if my friends do something that is better than something I do...I applaud them...I hope they get even better


This show however is different. To me it's all about equality and it is my opinion that this changes everything..so it's my prerogative to think the show's been ruined...


but as I have said otherwise, I will watch the first few eps of S4 to see how they handle thing


But I freely admit this show isn't made to please me...if the majority is happy with an alicorn Twilight then so be it...I just won't be sticking around for me...again just opinion of mine that's all

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Freedom of choice.

Still, I don't think it's changed. They're all still quite equal as far as I can see.

Of course, I get your point on that particular prerogative.


It can be hard to watch something you don't like anymore even if you did like it before.

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None at all! I'm glad the show didn't turn any more characters into alicorns after making Twilight one. Making Twilight an alicorn changed a big dynamic of the show, and their friendship dynamic didn't quite feel the same after that. It seemed like Twilight became "number one", and her friends were on a lower tier than her. Considering they were supposed to be embodiments of friendship, putting one on a higher level than the others doesn't bode well. So yeah, I'm glad nobody else in the show became an alicorn. That would've further complicated the matters.

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For story telling I think it's good to keep such things to a minimum, so none. But I cannot help myself to give also a more humorous reply here:

There is not only the one episode where Big Mag dreams of being transformed into an Alicorn I have also found the video footage of this one convention where Peter New wears the Princess Big Mac costume and was formerly introduced xD So if I would vote anypony to get a promotion to princess status it's Big Mac


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Unpopular opinion but Fluttershy, She would be an amazing ruler imo she kind but can stand her ground when needed I feel as though she would be such a good choice for an alicorn 


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