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MLP's We Heart Ponies top ten

Captain Marvelous


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  1. 1. Choose ten

    • Dragonshy
    • Bridle Gossip
    • Suited for Success
    • Feeling Pinkie Keen
    • Sonic Rainbooom
    • Green isn't your Color
    • The Cutie Mark Chronicles
    • Party of One
    • The Best Night eEver
    • Winter Wrap Up
    • The Return of Harmony part 1
    • Lesson Zero
    • Luna Eclipsed
    • Sisterhooves Social
    • May the Best Pet Win
    • The Mysterious Mare Do Well
    • Sweet and Elite
    • Secret of my Excess
    • Family Appreciation Day
    • Hearth's Warming Eve

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So as I'm sure as that we all know, MLP will be doing a top countdown of episodes




So out of these episodes which one are your favorites... you may pick ten


It won't be much, but on the tenth, I will use my ten votes and vote for the top ten episodes on the poll...


Let's see how our choices line up with the final selections

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I'm pretty sure those are what I voted for.... I hope I counted to 10 alright... XD



Probably my favorite episode of the entire series was "Secret of My Excess." Mainly only for the Spike&Rarity scene at the end. The cuteness exploded me. Twice.

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No Over a Barrel? The best episode by miles?

Posted Image


Secret Of My Excess then.

To be honest Spike-centric episodes (eg. A Dog And Pony Show) are amazing due to the complexity of his character, his comic relief, his skill for observation, and of course, his crush on Rarity; which brings a whole new dimension of romance to the show. I sorta feel bad admitting it for some reason but I love Spike xD

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It's hard to pick a favorite one, but I loved "Look before you sleep", "winter wrap up", "over a barrell" and the "Cutie Mark Chronicles" the most in season1. I have not watched enough of season 2 yet to be able choose.


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I voted:


- Dragonshy

- Bridle Gossip

- Feeling Pinkie Keen

- The Cutie Mark Chronicles

- Party Of One

- The Best Night Ever

- The Return of Harmony part 1

- Lesson Zero

- Luna Eclipsed

- May the Best Pet Win


My Favorite episode is "The Last Roundup" But its not on the list so... ;__;

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Why just these ones in the poll? I voted for 8 or so but some of my favourite episodes aren't there - or are you doing several of these polls and then going to aggregate them?


No Over a Barrel? The best episode by miles?


Definitely my favourite episode outside the season openers

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  • 2 weeks later...

So...what won?

I came in around #6, so I couldn't tell you who placed before that, but of what I saw:


6 - Party of One

5 - May The Best Pet Win

4 - Suited For Success

3 - Best Night Ever

2 - Green Isn't Your Color

1 - Luna Eclipsed (HELL YEAH!)

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