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The Inventors of Equestria


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Ever since I checked this clip.



I've noticed something interesting. Pinkie Pie had built a parade vehicle of her own. We all know how good Apple Bloom is at building things but so is Pinkie Pie. And that's not all she built a weird flying contraption in a split second to chase after Gilda and RD. Sure it's just Pinkie being random and using her powers of Pinkiness but still I think she must be an inventor or a mechanical engineer genius of some kind.


I really think the writers should make an episode regarding Pinkie Pie's ability to build things. If they capitalize on that Pinkie Pie would have more interesting plot points to make.



Maybe Pinkie Pie's party cannon is an invention of her own as well?



Apple Bloom and Pinkie Pie would be the inventors of Ponyville. Can anyone come up with more?

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Pinkie Pie's party cannon is the most deadly piece of artillery.




I always thought that Trixie's Wagon stage thing was pretty cool. It get's destroyed by the Ursa minor and its not clear if Trixie was the one who built it but it was a very cool set up to move your show from town to town.




And we didn't forget about the Super Squeezy Cider 6000 did we? Ironically i think if the Apple Family had this machine it would make their lives so much easier. As it was capable of sorting apples the greed of its owners was the real problem.

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