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Private The Friendship Express RP

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@@Fire Runner,

Max put a hoof around Unholy and proceeded to a nearby map hung on the wall.

"OK here is a list of the occupied rooms...You are in the next cart over it seems." Max walked down the hall with Unholy leaning against his shoulder.

"Feels good to have a friend again. It has been too long...I cant remember though, is it normal for friends to lean in on each other with a hoof wrapped around the other?" This was the first time he actually thought about it. Something about the whole thing just seemed...right. So he went with it. Eventually they made it to the walk between carts. As if by instinct, Max tightened his grip on the blind mare as the crossed cars. Eventually they made it to the room in question.

"OK, here we are. Now I just need to figure out where I am staying..."

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