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Welcome to Sugarcube Corner

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Welcome to Sugarcube Corner

Within the heart of Ponyville lies Sugarcube Corner; the home of baked goods, confectionery, and parties aplenty. In this place you will find discussions, posts, threads, and polls that are related to the My Little Pony franchise and the Bronydom in general. If you wish to discuss pony merchandise, meetups, the previous generations, the Brony movement or other related matters, this is the place to do so. Keep in mind however that all canon related and episode specific discussion should be constrained to the Show Discussion forum. Not sure how or where to get started? The first thing you should do is to give the rules a quick look over, once you've done that, you can look below for a select list of popular threads that cover a variety of topics and interests - no matter who you are, or what you like, there's sure to be something for you!

Generation 5!

Something that worries me about G5

Where else would G5 go?

Will Discord be in G5?

I'm even more concerned about G5's diversity issue, here's why

What will G5 be like?


About you!

How open are you about ponies?

How and when did you become a brony?

What kind of brony are you?

Post your OC!

Would you live in Equestria?

Merchandise Section:

Post Your Collection.

Pony Merchandise Guide

Care and Feeding of your Pony

What is the latest pony related merchandise you bought?


Fan Club Section:

Fluttershy Fan Club

Rarity Fan Club

Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

Rainbow Dash Fan Club

Applejack Fan Club

Pinkie Pie Fan Club

Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

The Mane Six Appreciation Fan Club


Comics & Books Section:

Comics & Books Guide

IDW comic 69


What is your favorite MLP comic storyline?

Where do I start with the MLP Comics?


Meetups Section:

MLP Forums Meetup Map

How to spot a Brony

Any Californian Bronies?

Any North California Bronies?

Any Texan bronies?



Pony Dreams.

Telling your parents you're a brony.

'Ponifying' Electronics.

Favorite fan songs?

The MLP Video Masterthread


Not sure how things work? Have any questions, comments, or concerns about the forum?

For any feedback or suggestions you may have, you can post them all here in the the Feedback & Suggestions forum. Please feel free to start a thread there if you have any suggestions or ideas for ways to improve the site, or would simply like to offer feedback on your experience. If you have any questions, concerns or other issues, don't hesitate to open up a Support Ticket; the staff are standing by and always happy to help you out with any concern big or small.

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Thread has been updated to current standards

Things I've changed:

• Got rid of a few sections since they don't represent the forum as it is now

• Added Merchandise section

• Added Fan Clubs section

• Added Meetups section

• Added Comics & Books section

• Updated "Rules" link

• Added Generation 5 section

• Updated "About you" section

• Updated "Other" section

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I have updated a few links in this thread as promised. I will try to do this bi-monthly if possible. Any future updates to this thread will be done by edits to this reply and not with another reply.

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