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I finally found a great MLP Forums, and I think I should introduce myself!

Heavenly Pegasus

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Hey-oh, hola, bonjour, hello, or however you like to say it to the Forums!


NOw since this is an introduction let me start it up: My nicknames are usually Rain and Heaven, those are mostly what I am used to be called, but you can call me whatever  :lol: My real name is Preston if you want to use that also.


I am currently 14 years of age, and I am a extreme gamer. I own many systems, my most important ones being an Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS, with the inclusion of my laptop. I do play a lot of fan games (such as Ponymon) on my laptop, and I am buying Minecraft, plus I will also be getting Team Fortress too for my Steam Account, and if you want my Xbox Gamertag or Steam name, just hit me with a PM, as I want to keep spam off the forums as well.


Since I have many things I like I will make this list short, but here are somethings people may like wiht me as well:


MLP:FiM (duh)

Sonic the Hedgehog




Anime (favorite ones currently are Inyuasha and Sword Art Online)

Kingdom Hearts, my favorite game series ever.

Any game I can play to have fun with people

Dubstep music (mostly from brony artists) and Flandre Scarlet from the Touhou series


Now to the things about My little Pony :D


Favorite Ponies: Rainbow Dash, Vinyl Scratch, Derpy Hooves, and Octavia, plus Luna I forgot

Favorite Episode: I've only gotten through the first two seasons, and the first five episodes of Season three, but I must say either the last episode of Season 2 or Wonderbolt Academy

Favorite Music From Brony Artist: I would say Not Letting Go, I think the name is, by Princewhateverer

Favorite Ponyfiction: I would say Saberspark's series (totally forgot what it is called, but it replaces all the characters except Twilight and is very good)

Favorite Pony Videos:  Two Best Sisters Play series and this: 


Alright, well now that I am done, I hope to meet some great members and friends, also expect to see me in Roleplay World and Octavia's Hall alot! Even Beyond Equestria, I don't know there is so much to do, well anyways, Heaven out.

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Hello and welcome to the board! There are indeed some great members here, and hopefully you will get to friend them. I too am a sonic fan, though I don't roleplay much  :lol: . Anyways enjoy yourself!

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