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Nacho Flores Challenges Death


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A while ago I started writing a book, but I never finished it. Now I thought, maybe if people here like it, I can continue writing!


Of course I originally wrote it in spanish, so I began translating it for you, but my english is not that good compared to my spanish, so it is probably worse this way.


Even though, I will post it here, chapter by chapter, if people like it.


1. Introduction.


There lives today (And lived yesterday) a man named Nacho Flores. Unlike most other men who are alive at this moment, he has not lived everyday since he was born. He managed to defeat Death in a challenge and now we can say that, for about 24 hours, Nacho Flores was not in this world.


But notice that our man (That's how we like to call him) isn't the only one to beat death. Adam managed to do it almost a hundred times. Before he lost at tic-tac-toe, he had lived for over nine hundred years. At least that's what the Bible says, and if the Bible says it, we got to believe it.


Truth is, many of the inhabitants of limbo question the veracity of the Bible (Some parts of it). And don't say it's because we used to be atheists when we were alive, since this skepticism extends to those who are native to Hell, the demons. It's just that is was written so long ago and by people, and we've been waiting for someone to actually confirm what it says, but it's clear that no one ever will.


There's also Paul McCartney, the famous Beatles bass player, who beat death after dying in a motorcycle accident. This originated the rumor that Paul had died and since the band was at such a good moment, they decided not to make this public, and instead replace have a man named William Shears Campbell replace him. It was all just nonsense, but that's people, they just see what they want to see.


But I digress, and this is simply an introduction to our man's story. The reason I'm telling it to you is mostly because the challenge that he recieved was so incredibly difficult. But even more incredible was the way that he managed to win and, of course, laugh in the face of death. Here's the story.




So, is it any good at all? Shall I keep translating it?

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woot! Someone replied! I'll continue the translating as soon as i can.

Btw, heres the spanish version: http://nachofloresde...te.blogspot.com


Okay, here's chapter 2


2. Death


This happened not too long before the day I'm writing this. It was only a couple of weeks ago, maybe a month, I'm not very good with dates.


Back then Nacho Flores was walking through a desert. He was alone, something usual for him. He likes being alone. He was determined to go as far as possible without any kind of equipment or food, not even water. More specifically, he wanted to go further than he had ever gone before, and hopefully further than the 2 and 4 wheeled motorcycle tracks that covered the whole of the desert's landscape. Nacho didn't quite like the bikes. He hated the way that they could so easily reach places that he could not, even with his greatest effort.


But that particular day he was determined. He walked under the burning sun of the dryest desert in the world. He walked until he thought it was already time to turn back; he had never gone so far in his life, but still all he could see in every direction were motorcycle tracks that gave a unique style to the lifeless ground. There were less than before, but still, he didn't want to see any.


At that point thirst had already dragged itself from the tip of his tounge to the bottom of his throath, and it was attacking his brain, and not even Nacho understands how is it possible that he didn't decide to go back at that point that seemed to be his last chance to return to safety. He just kept on going, step by step, foot after foot, left and right and left and right. In something that seemed humanly impossible he walked until sunset and further into the night. But the sad thing is that no matter how far he walked he could always see some wheel tracks. The worst part was that he could see that a bike had already been there before, and with much less effort. Our man already knew he was going to die, and I suppose that's why he decided that it was simply stupid to stop.


But regardless of the amazing will power he had shown until that moment, eventually his body gave up. Absolutely devoid of energy, he fell. Thirsty, exhausted, dead.

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