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OC appearance help needed


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Okay so for two of my OC's, I need help with their appearances.


For my centaur OC, Iron Hooves, I was wondering...should he wear something over his torso? It'd be a bit weird to see a buff upper-half of a human constantly...


For New Moon, his appearance is a complete mystery to me...I have that he is saved from an accident, and wears clothing to conceal scars, and wear a mask similar to:






Perhaps a combination of the two (still undecided, suggestions needed), however the upper half of the mask I only uploaded to the post to show the general eye shape, and whether or not there should be a pupil like that, or just plain black in the eyes. The bottom half is pretty much the same as what I uploaded, except with changes (no gas chamber, lol).


After this mask, he has a mane and tail that flows to a moderate extent, like this : http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_mnvdftMzAV4/TPafgDchfFI/AAAAAAAAAAw/EBos4d8XzWo/s1600/Suicune.png


His general body is black, but I don't know whether or not that'll be clothing or an actual coat...


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I think it would help to allow people to give better critique and opinions if you could get a picture or pony creator image of some sort up to show us the general idea, that could help with visualizing it.


Overall though its really up to you, so whatever you feel like looks good to you its up to you since its you Oc's afterall!

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When I say I don't know whether or not he'll wear clothing or not, I mean that I run into complications with getting his "casual" appearance down. I'm just trying to avoid making him seem like some crazy-colored OC. Granted, he does look like that as New Moon but that's mainly clothing.


Dusk pretty much has a darkish-orange coat, with a bluish-grayish mane+tail as a casual look. I personally believe that the colors look better switched, however it seems that this color scheme fits better when compared to other ponies.

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