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yo everyone from remixedcatponymeowcakecandypinkiepie the 4th


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I found this forum becuase I used to work at the company that makes this forum software (I once worked on this site)... Please, don't ask me anything about them though. 


I am a hardcore brony and my fav pony is PINKIEPIE!!! and depry and dj pon3/vinyl scratch and luna!!! 


I think we all need more fun,cake,night,and EDM in our lives!

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Not just cake, MUFFINS. We need plenty of those for your welcoming party! xD


Anyways, welcome aboard to the forums, my good friend! :3 Name's Starflower, and it is a pleasure to meet you. We have lots of Pinkie Pie fans here in the forum, so you are definitely not the only one. :D Like the above poster said, there's a lot to do here and a lot of features too. Since you seem to be familiar with the forum software, then there's no need for a tutorial. ;)


Well, have a great time. Feel free to throw me a message, ya? See ya ;3

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I am also happy cuz I got some good food in mah belly and I got some new Logitech UE IEMs and I got some good muzack goin and I got oreos too!!!

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