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i came up with this while eating pizza!

Shrimp, especially fried and scampi. My favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookies.

Oh goodness.. I am a vegetarian, so I loooove me some veggie sushi. Also veggie lasagna and hot sandwiches with melted vegan cheddar cheese. <3333 OH AND bean tacos! I absolutely looove food..

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Especially chicken nuggets, but literally any chicken will do :3



Also a very good contender: 


Peanut butter <3

Especially if it's surrounded with chocolate.


I eat apples almost exclusively though apple2_e0.gif

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Well you can eat the sun so I love to eat the sun. ☀☀

But really? I like cooking for other people. And eating raw fruits and veg. But that takes too long

Hell it takes to long to unscrew the vitamin lid.

So I'm on a coffee and weed diet

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For savoury, my favourite food/meal is chicken curry with rice. <3 Even better if it's egg fried rice though, or even if the chicken is replaced with quorn or tofu.  :wub: 


For sweet, it has to be New York style cheesecake. That's the stuff. <3

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I am an absolute fanatic for sushi of all sorts, though the absolute pinnacle of it for me is ebi nigiri. I have no idea why a split shrimp being worn like a hat by a lump of vinegared rice brings me such joy, but there is basically nothing better in the world to me.

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I typically have a specialty roll, which can vary from sushi restaurant to sushi restaurant, but you can typically judge a place on the quality of their spider rolls, which is what I usually order if it's my first time at some place new.

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