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So after looking under the hood of my truck I began to think to myself: where are my comrades? I know that there are some Bronies out there who drive a truck or have in their lifetime. So it is my mission to gather information on you guys and start a Brotherhood of 2x4 or 4x4 truck drivers. Share you truck pictures. extra points if its an action shot. I also want your guys' feedback on your experiences on the road and off.

I will start off by saying mine. Driving a truck wasn't tricky at all for me. in fact seeing as how my truck is my first vehicle i have more skills then those who drive a cheap little Honda. i can pull of parallel parking with no trouble. parking in tight spots are a breeze for me. I found that small car drivers act like their car is a limo or a Cadillac. As for other trucks on the road the deciding factor is the size of their truck. where i live Full size trucks are complete jerks. they tailgate me and have their brights on. Small trucks are really courteous when on the road. mid-size trucks are a hybrid of nice and jerky.


Depending on where you all are i was going to put a group together to drive off-road and on road. so basically make a club that would meet in real life.

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Well now, I actually have 3 trucks,,,,,however none of them are actually mine.  Work over the summer with a boyscout camp and we have trucks to do utility things.   Most of them are old and on their last legs, but they are a hell of a lot of fun to drive.  











They aren't street legal anymore,  and regularly I live in a city where such a truck really would just be a waste of my money.....

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Used to own an older Dodge Durango. Because I am the one driving my whole family around i have a new Expidition with 8 seats and no fuel economy. ;)


When it comes to cars I am very utilitarian. It could look ugly as can be but if i can move lots of things around i love it. My neighbors and I are planning on going to Oshkosh later to buy a surplus army truck so we can do more when we do go muddin'. I grew up with all males my father didn't want me to be a "girly girl". I know how to fix most minor things.



This my truck now




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