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First Thread - Name Choice...

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So, I'm kinda a secret brony because of the reputation left by older generations and I'm a late teenage guy, and that horrible awkward moment that would happen if I told anyone... Anyways, point is, I just finished watching the series on YouTube, a few days ago, and finally decided to join the herd. I would sooner, but I wanted to be fully informed on the show, and not have spoilers :P


So I joined to discuss and post my fanfic - err, I don't have a name yet. But it's about Celestia having to start a space agency (EASA: Equestria AeroSpace Agency), and unite Equestria once again by getting them to work together to get to Mars (a common goal works almost as well as a common enemy), starting with ~1910's technology. Yeah... It's a huge struggle. But you'll have to see what happens ;)


I'm huge into aerospace (Rocket Science :D ), and I know a LOT of technical stuff on everything aerospace, so this will be really fun for me to write, and have these ponies try to solve these staggering problems with such primitive technology. But at the same time, of course, IMO characters/character interaction should get the most attention, just like on the show. But I think I can write it in a way to get the readers invested in trying to solve these huge challenges. This is going past the limit of engineering, many times, like IRL, they think: "This is absolutely impossible! We can't do this! How can we!?".

Right now I'm researching a little to get some more historical stuff right, in terms of what was known ~1910, and I'm trying to learn about Dr. Warner Von Braun's personality.



Yeah, about that... I feel kinda bad about using his name. I want to change up his name in some way, so it's kinda like the Equestria version of him. (Dr. Winner Van Braun?) Kinda like how the Flim-Flam brothers were like the Wright brothers, but a lot more direct. Hmm. It's not a disrespect to him to use his name, is it? O.o


I'll probably have a lot more thought on that by the time I get a reply, depending on how long that is...


Yeah, so, anyways, Hi! :D (And where's the male version of the smileys? lol)

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Haha, I just realized I forgot to mention two important things:

1. I'm not an actual doctor, that's the character, lol. But as for me, I'm not stopping my education until I get a PhD! FTW! :D

2. I really honestly can't decide if my favorite is Twilight Sparkle or Rainbow Dash.

It's hard not to love Rainbow Dash's zeal for life, but at the same time she can sometimes come off as kinda harsh.

And I'd say personality wise I'm most like Twilight Sparkle. Except for gender. And species, I guess, while I'm at it XP

Okay, I have to mention Pinkie Pie because I'm ranting on right now :D

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Where are my manners?

*Does a quick search and finds them*

I should be replying to replies on my thread! ;)


Welcome to the forums! That sounds like a pretty cool fanfic i'm definitely gonna read it


Thanks!!! You know that's a big compliment to a writer! :D


Welcome doctor! I'm Crimson Sky, resident therapist. I hope you find your stay here quite enjoyable!


Hah, you know, psychology is one of my interests! You'll have to tell me what makes MLP:FiM so awesome from that perspective x)


Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay :).


Thanks! :)

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