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Original Ponies, Gifts, and various other Poni Arts.


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Not much to say here, just making a depository of poni art.





Finally things are starting to take shape.  Key Gear as herself,  Transient Blue flopped over.



Pudding and Peachy



DrawMe is entierly to blame for this.....I'm not saying anything else.



Pudding Pride




Borne out of a sorta random conversation with DrawMe,   she chose the name, I dids the rest. (She also has her own poiny that I chose the name, she drew)   Not much to really say,  A little flat, but there ya go. Expect to see lots of him



"What's the problem?"



Just more sillyness between Pudding and Peachy







Not my fave,  everything was still so very flat.  DrawMe is to blame for him,  poni of the apocolypse.  Look at her post for 2 others. 



You'll notice that these look horrendous,  I don't own a scanner anymore,  so give it time,they'll be showing up crisp and white and coloured sooner or later....for now...this will have to do.



Don't worry about giving flankpats or critiques,  just enjoy the poni.  This is sorta my own 'if I put it on display, I'll have to improve" trial by fire.  Goal of a poni a day. If you can think of something fun to draw, drop it in a post,  if I like it, I might do it

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your ponies are really coming along <3

i like the characters ^^

i prefere your OC's though XD


i need to see more of these, and make sure to draw the delicious alicorn twin <3

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