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Deku's avant-garde and experimental music thread.


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I don't know if this will catch on or not, seeing that stuff like this isn't quite that popular, but I think certain people will like the idea.


I'll start with Colin Stetson, an avant (of course) saxophone titan. He plays the sax you see him holding in the video on this track, though it doesn't even sound like any kind of horn at first. He sings into the instrument and does some circular breathing along the way as well. That's also Laurie Anderson delivering a line of spoken word at the end. Definitely check out Stetson's 2011 album "New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges."




Let's see what the rest of you can deliver in terms of some experimental stuff.

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I'll drop some more stuff in here. I choose "Exit!" by the Swedish-based Fire! Orchestra.




The free jazz scene is this country is like none other.

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Meh might as well leave this right here

Some of Squarepusher's stuff from his Ultravisitor album

Pretty much the whole album is all live improvisations

But the thing that makes him more different than other electronic musicians

Is that he uses a fretless bass guitar and plugs some Moogerfoogers into it

To do some crazy stuff with it




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